Coming Home the workshops

welcome (back) home.

After our November retreat we are so exited to offer you monthly workshops.

live sessions • all online

At varying times to cater to all time zones our teachers are so excited to (re)connect with you in our workshop sessions! Make sure you are on our mailing list to be the first to know about our upcoming events.

all sessions are donation based

You pay what you can. We welcome everyone. Your donations will be used to compensate our teachers and to offer you more content in the future.

Meet our teachers

Biddy Messchaert

Yoga Vayu • Online MembershipInstagram

Your host and Coming Home organizer. While you are Coming Home you will meet Biddy as a host.

Biddy is a Yoga teacher from the Netherlands. She teaches Restorative Yoga, Hatha, Flow, Aerial and Yoga Nidra. Other passions include Music, Books, Writing and Food!

Marcella Hartjes

Hart Vooruit • Instagram

Marcella is an independent Applied Psychologist and coach living in Delft. One of her missions is to inspire others to stay close to themselves and to lead a meaningful life. Through workshops and individual coaching she helps you discover what is important to YOU. She will give you the tools to create the life that makes you feel good about yourself and will create space for happiness.

Lina Vuk

Do Yoga with Lina • Instagram

A Yoga teacher living in Malta that doesn’t just 'teach' yoga but helps you create calm, ease and mindfulness on and off the mat. She encourages you to find the power within and return to the practice even when it's challenging to do so, offering guidance and support along the way.

marie hue

MaHu Yoga • Instagram

Marie is a French certified vinyasa, hatha and yin yoga teacher, a pastry chef and a mama to be. Her goal is to offer people the most inclusive yoga class possible, combining intuitive flowy body movements to long hold postures, making sure you find your way to understand your body a little better after every class.

kelly sultan

Website• Instagram

Kelly is a California mama in love with natural wellness. She brings psychology, yoga, coaching & essential oils together to inspire you to live your most vibrant life. Transform how you care for yourself with nature’s most potent plant medicine: certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils.


Yoga Evita • Instagram

Moving for the love of life! Eva is passionate about empowering women through movement and reconnecting with their inner nature. She is a 300 hour certified Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher. Her classes incorporate Gentle Flow, Functional and Embodied Movement practices as well as Self-Myofascial Release.



A UK poet and wheelchair user, through his poetry Stephen talks openly about living with a disability. His debut poetry collection came out last year and he uses his writing to re-connect with his body and give a voice to parts of his body that he forgets to listen to.

yasmae omar

Ezzy Family • Instagram

Ever since she was little Yasmae has been interested in the way people heal. How some heal fast & some take longer. Everyone is different but the body is able to heal itself! After graduating as a physiotherapist Yasmae studied yoga and it changed the way she sees things forever.