Quarter Two Book Project By: Amelia Osborn

Book project summaries//


Divergent takes places in a run down dystopian town that is supposed to represent Chicago. In Divergent the main character, Beatrice Prior has to take a test. A test that will change her life forever, in their society they get divided into factions based upon their personality and potentials. Rarely does this happen, but sometimes people fit into multiple personalities and are unique , they all called Divergents. Beatrice happens to be one of these people. In their dystopian world of Chicago being Divergent was considered dangerous and the citizens felt that Divergent people would threaten their system


Delirium follows the life of Lena Halloway, a teenage girl who lives in a dystopian society. In the world of the book when the citizens turned 18 they had to be evaluated. When everyone is being evaluated, the “scientists” decide how the rest of their life is going to fall out. The evaluation decides if they go to college and if they marry, it also decides where they will live. Before any of them can take the evaluation they all must pass the pre-evaluation with some of the evaluators. The evaluators ask everyone questions and make sure that the person is fit to take the test. If they pass the pre-evaluation they can take the test. If they don't pass the pre-evaluation they don't go to college or can't marry. Since the evaluators choose if and who they marry one of the biggest laws in the book of rules is to never fall in love or speak the word “love” or “I love you”. Just 95 days before Lena’s evaluation she does the thing that nobody would ever dare to do she fell in love.
Divergent Book Cover By Veronica Roth
Delirium Book Cover By Lauren Oliver

Similarities and Differences


~ They both take place in a dystopian society.

~ Both of the books are futuristic

. ~ In the books the main characters both disobey the laws and change the rules of their society.

~ Both of the books have multiple groups that are separated by who they are.


~ Divergent has multiple factions while Delirium has two groups depending on who their government leader is that they support.

~ In Delirium the evaluation decides the rest of your future and if you'll go to college or not, but in Divergent the test only decides what faction you'll be assigned to, but you still have the freedom to decide how your life will play out.

~ In Divergent their society is run by Jeanine Matthews, the leader of the faction Erudite. While in Delirium the society is run by all of the scientists who developed the evaluations.

~ In Divergent their is only one suprem leader while in Delirium there is a leader in each group of society.


If you liked the book Divergent by Veronica Roth, you should look into reading Delirium by Lauren Oliver. Both of the books share similar plots such as how they both follow the path of a female as she goes on a journey in their society breaking the laws to their world. Both of the books take place in a world where there is a very specific system and if someone were to break a rule they would be in deep trouble. I would recommend these books to any one who likes dystopian society books or books that go on an adventure.

The End!


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