Reconstruction Anthony Logrono

The Civil War was a gruesome war between the North and the South which ultimately led to a massive need for change. This period of change is called the Reconstruction era. The Reconstruction was a time period after the civil war in which many political actions were taken towards the transformation of the country. Even though this time period is considered to be a glorious era in which the country was rebuilding its self, the political aspects of the reconstruction had both success and failures which had major impacts on the United States.

Success of Reconstruction

The 15th Amendment of the United States of America granted the right to vote for African American men. The amendment stated that no male shall be discriminated to vote due to their race or skin color. This is important because now all males of all races were allowed to vote. The illustration was created by Alfred Waud who was a birtish born american who made many Civil War political cartoons. The Illustration shows a queue of African American men, the first one is a laborer, the second is dressed as a businessman, the third is wearing a Union army uniform, and the fourth is dressed as a farmer.

Failure of Reconstruction

The Jim Crow Laws were considered to be a political failure of the Reconstruction due to the mass segregation it caused in the Southern states of the United States. The segregation was mainly aimed towards the African American people of the south and was usually done in places like school, public places, and public transportation. There was also segregation of restrooms, restaurants, and drinking fountains for whites and blacks. It was considered a failure due to the new groups that were formed because of it. One of these new groups was the Ku Klux Klan (KKK). The KKK were a group of white supremacist who wanted to intimidate black voters. Although there was some industrialization, the region remained committed to an agricultural economy and used sharecropping as a legal means to ensure that blacks would still work the land that whites still owned.

Legacy of Reconstruction

The Civil Rights movement created a long lasting legacy on our country, when many African-Americans campaigned for an end to racial discrimination through non-violent protests. The Civil Rights Movement culminated with the passing of federal laws which banned discrimination in voting, employment, housing and other sectors of American society. It mainly consisted of the civil rights acts of 1866 and 1964 which greatly changed our country. The Civil rights act of 1866 stated that all persons born in the United States were now citizens, without regard to race and color.

The reconstruction era is an important era in history due to the impacts that it had on our country. Before this time period there was much racism in the united states which was very similar to the racism that took place between the English colonies and the natives. The colonists would believe that they were superior compared to the natives and started to think very low of them. This is similar to how the whites felt towards the blacks prior to the reconstruction. They natives reacted in a similar way as the African Americans reacted, the revolted. The Natives took place in revolts such as the pueblo revolt while the African Americans took place in the Civil Rights Movement. These political impacts from the reconstruction had a tremendous role in the shaping of the United States today.

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