Week 9 PACE Grow your business in 2017

PACE starts Monday, February 27th.
And we are going to have some fun with "Carpool Karaoke" while we KNOCK IT OUT and focus on scheduling Existing and New Appointments.
PACE is like a shot in the arm to your business. It's about giving concentrated action to the priorities that create your selling opportunities.
PACE is about knocking over the first Domino in the process of creating a sale.
Pace is about growing your income...
And giving yourself the opportunity to take the most important person in your life on the trip of a lifetime...
Pace is about taking advantage of incredible contest opportunities...
Hitting New Associate Bonuses...
Or hitting Veteran Bonuses...
Pace is about giving your business a boost in activity to ensure you're on track for 444 (4 for 4 Fames!).
Pace is about doing the important stuff now, not tomorrow.
So this Monday through Wednesday, call on your Existing Accounts or your New Accounts Prospects to set up Appointments.
Call on your referrals.
Have good follow-through with your contacts.
You will close New Business as a result, whether it's in New Accounts or Existing Accounts.
Lastly, take time track the numbers and analytics of your business.
"Knowing the numbers" is what business-savvy entrepreneurs do.
Measuring a few simple #'s will give you more confidence about how to move the needle on your income. Utilize the SAT tool on www.texaswest.net to input your personal information.
Your success will go up.
And you will help more people as a result.
Remember - you have unlimited income potential at Aflac. The sky is the limit.
Take action. Monday.
Be fired up about your opportunity here in 2017. PACE: 2/27 - 3/1. BAM!!
Created By
Adam Wichmann

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