Crunch Time By: megan Yeager

The main characters of, "Crunch Time", by Mariah Fredericks are Daisy, Leo, Jane, and Max. Daisy is a basketball athlete who doesn't care too much about tests or how she does on the SAT. Leo is a smart kid, who looks at tests like they're games to win. Jane is the daughter of famous actress, Julia Cotterell, she has lots of money and worries about taking the SAT. Max is really smart, he wants to go to an Ivy league and believes everything is based on test scores.

The setting of, "Crunch Time", is based in Chicago. It's mainly written in the kids high school. The time is modern 2000's.

The story is about four kids who have the SATs coming up, they form a study group and meet once a week to take a practice test. After the SATs the school finds out someone cheated on the test. Everyone at first believes it is Daisy. However, as the story progresses the people realize it was Jane.

The turning point of this story would be when the kids are at a end of the year party and realize the cheater was Jane. Daisy, Max, and Leo are very upset about it and the whole friendship that they have reached comes to an end.

The outcome of needing to take a test is the kids meet and form a group. The outcome from establishing a group is making friends and doing well on the test. The outcome for cheating is that their friendship was affected in a negative way.

I would recommend this book to kids in high school. Specifically juniors and seniors because some of the stress the characters face might be relatable. The book is about facing a major test that will affect your future, what college you go to, and what you end up doing with your life. The book might help it's readers not worry about the test as much and to study.


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