The 8 Myths And Facts About Club Drugs Guard Your

Myth: Most people think that club drugs are only found in night clubs and bars.

Fact: Many victims encounter illicit substances in common places like coffee shops, lounges and restaurants.

MYTH: Most sexual assaults involving alcohol and drugs are committed by a stranger or someone they just met.

FACT: Statistics clearly show the vast majority of sexual assaults are committed by someone they were close to and trusted.

MYTH: Victims can easily "overcome" the effects of being assaulted by an illegal substance.

FACT: The mental effects associated with a drug facilitated crime are severe and can greatly impact an individual's emotional stability, and well being. Loss of memory and embarrassment often preventing the victim from reporting the instances that took place under sedation and the assailant typically gets away with the crime with literally no trace of evidence.

MYTH: Victims of a spiked drink commonly dress in a way that increases their chances of being sexual assaulted.

FACT: This appears to be uncommon as most assailants cannot remember what the victim was wearing. The simple fact that they left their drink unattended made them the perfect target for a drug facilitated crime.

MYTH: If a woman has been drinking and consents to a sexual act, this is considered a valid consent.

FACT: Just because a woman moves forward intimately doesn't always constitute as consent. Be sure that both parties agree to having sex before assuming you have the green light especially when alcohol is involved.

MYTH: Most victims that encounter a club drug are young, attractive females. Drink spiking doesn't happen to middle age executives.

FACT: Drug facilitated crimes can happen to anyone regardless of age or gender. Stay alert and scan your environment for suspicious people and activity in social settings and bars.

MYTH: Men's drinks are rarely ever spiked. These kinds of crimes only happen to women.

FACT: Drink spiking is more common among men than most people think. Club drugs can be slipped into anyone's drink whether it be for personal gain, robbery or sexual assault. Use caution and keep an eye out for friends.

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Lou Figueroa - Inspirational Speaker & Founder of Guard Your Drink.Com

Growing up in Southern California before moving to Colorado with his family in 1991, Lou Figueroa was an avid snowboarder and mountain biker who enjoyed the outdoors.

At the age of 27 while out with a group of friends in the downtown district of Denver, Lou encountered a beverage that was laced with an unknown substance becoming lost and disoriented. He walked nearly a mile before he was found lying in the Union Station rail yard. In the early hours of the morning a train was approaching the rail yard and saw Lou’s body at the last minute. The result would be the loss of both legs. After surviving a week long coma gripping to life, Lou awoke in the hospital.

Since his amputations, Lou has traveled across the globe sharing messages of hope and inspiration to hundreds of audiences including trade associations, chambers of commerce and universities.

Today Lou lives in Los Angeles where he advocates for drink safety and alcohol awareness. He has taken these revolutionary drink coasters around the globe teaching people the importance of guarding their drink and staying safe while out with friends.

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