Making Liberty University More Sensitive to Food Allergies By: Abby Taber

Food allergies are more common than one might think. Millions of people deal with food allergies, and others may not even know.

Food allergies are on the rise. More people today have been diagnosed with food allergies than ever before.
Every three minutes, someone is taken to the emergency room due to an allergic reaction.
College campuses can be extremely dangerous for allergenic students. Although Liberty University takes some precautions for allergies, I think more steps can and should be taken.
Many of the vendors contain a sign similar to this one.
Information and training for allergies should be incorporated into employee training at all on-campus vendors.
Employees should be trained to know the most common food allergies ("The Big 8"): milk, eggs, wheat, fish, shellfish, peanuts, tree nuts, and soy. They should be required to state if the food they are serving contains one of those.
Employees should also be trained to notice extreme allergic reactions, such as hives, difficulty breathing, stomach pains, rashes, or redness of the face and eyes. The student should feel safe in notifying the employees if they feel that something is wrong.
If a problem does arise, employees should know to immediately call 9-1-1, and the managers should follow directions given by the paramedics. In case of an EpiPen, the manager should inject it.


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