Reykjavik & Snæfellsnes ICELAND

Going to Iceland is a dream for every photographer i guess. My wife was pushing a bit for us to do this journey and the only suitable time has been last December, in the middle of winter. After having a nine hour flight delay and losing one day of our holiday, we finally arrived in Reykjavik on the 20th of December, exhausted and tired. This post is about the first leg of our journey that we spent in Reykjavik and then in the very west of Iceland, an area called "Snæfellsnes"


Reykjavik is a city that we both liked. It's got everything a big city needs but it wasn't too crowded. There were many shops to buy expensive Icelandic woollen clothes and the views you get from the harbour are simply stunning. You look over the sea directly onto a beautiful mountain panorama. The whole city seemed a bit gloomy but I guess that's because we didn't have much sunlight and after rising at 11am, the sun was setting at 3pm already. Also during our stay in the city we had pretty extreme weather with suddenly appearing hailstorms and strong winds which was a quite unique experience for both of us.


After spending a day in Reykjavik and stocking up on food, we made our way towards Snæfellsnes and I was amazed by those roads and the views yo get along them. The whole journey was accompanied by Mountains on the side of the road and I loved the truckstops and gas stations in the middle of those rough landscapes. Because of the slippery conditions, we drove quite slowly and enjoyed these dark streets in the more and more snowed in landscapes as we made our way to Snæfellsnes.

Our first official stop in Snæfellsnes was the mountain "Kirkjufell" which I think looks a lot like a wizard's hat, if you see it from the right perspective. Unfortunately this place was quite crowded and I think we even stepped in the way of a photography workshop with many people having their cameras on tripods, trying to snap the same picture of the mountain.

For the next day we didn't really have a plan and kept driving north. We passed the small village Búðardalur, filled the car with fuel and shopped some things in the cute and tiny supermarket and kept driving until we reached a beautiful bridge leading towards the Westfjords. I started my drone to capture this surreal scene with the open sea on the left side and deep blue, frozen lake on the right. The wind kicked in while my drone was in the air and took it away over the lake and I had to fight for about 20 minutes against the strong winds to get it back and let it crash on dry land with exactly 18 seconds of battery life left.

We spent our nights in Snæfellsnes at a place called "Dalahyttur Lodge". We had a really cosy cabin in the middle of the mountains, a bit off grid. The views were amazing and for some reason the winds very really strong and loud every night, making the cabin shake and my phone nearly fall of the table. I stepped outside and it was impossible to keep my eyes open. The strong wind anyways felt great on my skin, as you could basically lean yourself into it.

Driving from Snæfellsnes to Vík, the road took us atop a mountain Plateau that was completely snowed in. Our whole surroundings were perfectly white with only that narrow, black road leading through it. We made the occasional stop at craters and waterfalls that we found on Google Maps with basically no people around other than us. I think this has been the most quite and peaceful part of our whole journey.

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Christopher Kreymborg

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