Supercon 2016 Interactive Media version

Intro to Game Design

Learn the finer points of game design, best practices, and advice to aspiring game designers.

Left to right: Christine Brownell (former game designer, creative consultant), Myron Mortakis (Helm Systems) and David Núñez (Queen Birdface Productions)

David Nuñez: create a spreadsheet with every aspect and asset of your game. Prioritize and create a timeline. Invest in outsourcing aspects you cannot create yourself.

Myron Mortakis advice above

Christine Brownell: formerly worked on WoW and Sims. Advice : if you are new to programming and want to program a game, start by learning Unity.

Gaming Theories! Rants! Hype!

HMK engages the crowd and speaks on various gaming subjects that can relate to gaming theories, hype and rants on various blunders in games and the gaming industry.

HMK is a Miami based YouTube game critique with over 76,000 subscribers

Panel Takeaways

  • Might no. 9 and Mega Man controversy
  • Overwatch v. Battleborn
  • Resident Evil VR looks like Silent Hill
  • New Legend of Zelda : Breathe of the Wild has rag doll physics
  • Yooka-Laylee game is amazing

Beep : a Documentary History of Game Sound

UM game committee members after the movie Bleep (image by Eowyn Osorio)

Game Over : The Early Days of Video Games

From the days before Pong to the video game crash, Guy Hutchinson takes a whimsical look at the old days of video games.

Left to right: Jonathan Navarro, Guy Hutchinson, Nick Roche, guy in audience named Jose who knew a lot too. Video game in image: Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark for Atari 2600
  • 1958 : Tennis for Two
  • 1972 : Pong
  • 1976 : Fairchild Channel F - first console to use a microprocessor
  • 1977 : Atari 2600 - play games, program in Basic
  • 1978 : Space Invaders - in 1980 became first arcade game ported to console
  • 1982 : Pitfall - first game ported from console to cabinet

How to Start a Game Studio & Team

Panel by GameTrep/Make Games Miami

Speakers left to right : Pedro Guerra (Good War Games), Myron Mortakis, David Nuñez

Pedro Guerra's advice above

Pedro has very detailed slides

So detailed I just took pics

Myron also has detailed slides too

~50 to 75 or so in audience

More panel takeaways

Game creation steps

  1. Story
  2. Storyboard
  3. Prototype
  4. Playable demo (at this stage, good time to seek distributors)
  5. Lawyers (copyright, intellectual property, corporate)
  6. Outsource if necessary / marketing stage
  7. Publish

Hipster, Hacker, and Hustler theory

Game Vendors

  • Game Asylum 407 - conventions only
  • Cybertron Video Games - Mascotte, Fl - repairs and consoles
  • UCF video games - conventions & eBay store
Cool Stuff Games, Hollywood FL location, no online store

Local Developers

At table: Deadly Bargain, Sleepy Dragon Studios, Gem Wars (game shown)
The SoulKeeper will be available in regular format and VR. Currently using Vive for VR. At times, the game had a line of people waiting to try it out.
Game in image : Wasabi Horizon
Delta Design had a booth and hosted a panel. 3D printers in image : Makerbot Replicator, Flashforge, 3D Stuffmaker

Delta Design panel - Intro to 3D Printing: Advanced Design Teqniques

  • Uses SketchUp Pro
  • Offer workshops in SketchUp and Maya
  • Does not like Rhino
Panel by Rodolfo Báez : introduction to Character Animation, using Autodesk Maya
Members include : Make Games Miami, Helm Systems, GWG, Nuclei, Igda South Florida, Define Human Studios

Local Developers

Shop: 3D glasses, VR box (goggles) with remote, smart rings, cube 360 camera
Non-profit virtual reality pain distraction. Organization brings VR to individuals in medical facilities.q
8-bit artists


Fun at work


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