Why Students Should Learn To Code By: Gustavo

IT jobs will grow 22 percent by 2020. There will be one million jobs that will be unfulfilled according to techprep.fb.com. 59% percent of all jobs by 2020 will require a college education. Students in today's world should have an option to learn to code. Coding will better prepare them for brighter and better future.

1 Million Jobs will be unfulfilled.

There is countless of places to learn how to code. There are countless of videos and websites that you could use. Consider using Codecademy, Code School, code.org, and Hour of Code to learn code. Code.org allows kids to learn to program with a game called flappy bird. You learn how to make the bird go through a pipe in a fun way. These “games” allow it to be able to learn how to code in a fun way. These are the most popular sites to learn to code. Furthermore there is many types of programming languages that you could learn. There is many languages like Java, HTML,CSS, Python, and C++. All of these languages open up to much to children in today's world. C++ allows for software programming and HTML allows you to build websites. Learning to program would allow you to become a software engineer, hardware designer, security expert, web designers and many more.

There is many languages.

There are also many reasons on why you should learn how to code. Coding develops problem solving and thinking skills. Kids who did not learn to code had worse logical thinking than kids who did code. Kids who did code had better logical thinking than kids that did not code. Meaning that they code perform math and other logical operations better. This helped them do math better later on.

Some people might say it's expensive or we don't have any teachers to teach coding. There is many places to code as I stated above. You don't need a teacher to teach code in today's world. There are many videos like TheNewBoston has over 20 guides in different programming languages. Completely for free. Multiple websites on the internet allow you to learn how to code.

In conclusion students should have the option to learn code in school. It would improve their problem solving and thinking. It would open many careers for them in the future. Teaching programing is inexpensive. Coding would improve students grades by teaching them advanced math concepts. Students should have a right to code.






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