Christmas around the world how people celebrate it.

People celebrate Christmas different ways but I know a lot of people that celebrate it like me maybe you don't celebrate it the same but that's okay. For instance German people don't celebrate it the same way they celebrate it a lot different.

Here is how some German people celebrating Christmas

See people celebrate Christmas differently.

So we all know that we don't celebrate it the same

Now we are going to talk about Great Britain.

So great Britain celebrates Christmas different too but I will get to that part later.

But im going to talk about mistle toe smooch smooch well thats what im going to talk about and mumming which I will also talk about.

This is a picture of a Mistletoe ring a bell.

Well when a girl is under it a boy will have to kiss her then when the kisses are gone which will give the girl good luck.

Now lets talk about mumming which is when during the Holidays you dress up and peform disney movie plays or any other good plays.

This is a picture of people mumming cool right.

People peform plays for children on Christmas which is really generous.

Well now you know what those things are.

Well today im going to talk about two people but i will get to the second person in a little bit well this picture is a picture of Pere fouchetta and he is the person in france that if your naughty on Christmas he will spank you with switches and don't ask me will it hurt it possibly does.

But now you know don't be bad in France toodles.

Now im going to talk about Pere Noel, or Father Christmas,or also pronounced St.Nicholas does he ring a bell but he brings presents for the good people or children.

St.Nicholas giving toys too children.

Well now we know that St.Nicholas brings presents or toys to the good boys and girls so better be nice.

Today we are talking about Spain and how they celebrate Christmas or what they do on it well im going to talk about two things and instrument they play on Christmas that is called zambombas and something called turron which is a type of hard candy they eat in Spain.Well lets get too it.

this is a picture o a zambombas.

Well this is that instrument I was talking about.

Now you know what a zambombas.

Now lets talk about a Spain hard candy called turron.

This is a turron a type of hard candy which it really dosen't look like hard candy.

They eat this candy on Christmas for a sweet.

Now you know what a turron is.

Today were going to talk about Italy and the stough they eat and a witch.

So they have pasta,Icecream,and some sea food which I know thats weird they eat sea food on Christmas well they have a sea so they can get the sea food they usually don't eat meat on Christmas eve well thats enough about talking about food lets get to the next subject.

Now lets talk about the witch she will bring gifts to the good boys and girls like Santa Claus and the witch name is laba natha I think so im trying to remember her name anyways but when your bad she takes the bad children with her well thats all for today by.

Today we are talking about how Neatherland people celebrate it but were not going to talk about how they celebrate Christmas we will talk about SinterClaus and Black Peter and at the end i'll make a cute little poem.

First lets talk about SinterClaus he is like Santa Claus but a lot different you have to leave wooden shoes by the fire place and leave carrots and hay for SiterClauses hourse yeah thats right he rides a hosre and if you have lost them you don't get presents instead you get switches which means BlackPeter will spank you with a tree branch ouch I know right.

This is Sinter Claus

This is SinterClaus as you can see.But I messed up it's either SinterClaus beats you with a stick when your in a bag thats one of the things I didn't tell you guys or BlackPeter does.

Anyways lets talk about BlackPeter well he is like Sinter's elf or they thats right theres more than one anyways by.

Creepy BlackPeter.

Today im going to talk about denmark and how they bake and something else but I don't know what yet well baking day for demark they make they make a molasses spice cookie cut into stars or diamonds next we are going to talk about they go to church.

They go to church with their families and have a lot of fun including when there is a bunch of tourches and candles everywhere.

Today we are going to talk about Switzereland and the star boys and something else but I don't know what.

Well I can't find a picture of them but their just like Santas little helpers the elves but instead their little kids dressed in animal costumes or animal pajamas but they help out like an elf would do.

Next we are taking about bells bells are important to Switzerland on Christmas they have all types of bells cow bells,regularbekls,and bells that you would se on a house so thats it for today by.

Today we are going to talk about Ukraine Christmas trees.

This is a Ukraine Christmas tree.

Sometimes they can be decorated in spider webs which is really cool or you can decorate it a different way.

Next we are going to talk about Russia dolls that you can decorate your home with on Christmas which is really cool.

These are Russian dolls.

You don't have to decorate your homes with these On Christmas your aloud to put them up on any Holiday and any year or you can keep them up in your house whenever you want thats it for today by.

Today we are going to talk about Mexico and The United States.

Well there is a flower in Mexico called the Poinsetta flower.

This is a Poinsetta flower.

It is a really pretty flower it is awesome.

Next we are going to talk about the United States including Santa Claus and his reindeer.

this is Santa Claus

We all know this kind sir its Santa Claus he is a jolly bundle of joy isn't he.

Now we are going to talk about his reindeer he has so many.

Well Im going to talk about Rudolph the red nosed reindeer the one tat guides Santa's way.

This is Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer.

He is also a bundle of joy

Thats it for today by.

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