#FAIRHOUSEKEEPING 2016 Global Week of Action

UNITE HERE Locals in the U.S. and Canada once again joined the IUF in their annual Hotel Housekeepers Global Week of Action to demand safer working conditions and dignity for housekeepers worldwide.

Continue scrolling to see highlights from actions in Chicago, San Francisco, Hawaii, Seattle, Boston, San Diego, Vancouver, Toronto and Northern Illinois!

Top: Members of UNITE HERE Local 26 in Boston; Bottom: (Left) Members of the Korean Women's Trade Union show support for a Seattle ballot initative protecting housekeepers, (Right) Members of UNITE HERE Local 450 advocate for #FairHousekeeping.

With this year's Week of Action falling during the U.S. Presidential Election, we had the opportunity to focus on an important theme: Dignity For Women.

The theme of demanding basic dignity and respect for housekeepers is ongoing in UNITE HERE's efforts, which focuses on a range of issues from shining a light on sexual harassment and demanding ergonomic cleaning equipment.

Additionally, this broad theme includes challenging of “green programs” at hotels. Under the guise of "helping the environment," these programs are actually a cost-cutting measure for hotels, and force housekeepers to do more work in the same amount of time, resulting in a strenuous, impractical workload and more workplace injuries.

UNITE HERE Local 1 - Chicago

Hands Off Pants On: Sexual Harassment in Chicago’s Hospitality Industry

UNITE HERE Local 1 in Chicago pioneered a survey tool to gain a better understanding of the extent to which women in Chicago’s hospitality industry experience sexual harassment from guests. Read the report for the full survey findings.

VIDEO: These union men were handed a sheet of paper with a real story in the real words of a woman...and told to read it.

UNITE HERE Local 2 - San Francisco

On November 3, room cleaners had a great action at the Marriott 4th Street San Francisco. Over 120 members -- from different departments, but mostly housekeepers -- were present.

Three leaders spoke about the workload and the mistreatment that management has been giving them. As leaders were speaking, other workers turned in their surveys that showed where they have pain in their bodies, and the suffering they have from the heavy work that they as room cleaners do on a daily basis.

UNITE HERE Local 5 - Hawaii

On November 5, housekeepers with UNITE HERE Local 5 from Waikiki visited a hotel on the north shore of the Island (Turtle Bay Resort) to participate in a cafeteria action to fight the recent implementation of go-green.

Housekeepers in Hawaii participate in a cafeteria action against go-green. These housekeepers work at hotels that have successfully beaten back go-green!

UNITE HERE Local 8 - Seattle

On Election Day, Seattle voters approved I-124 to help keep the city’s hotel housekeepers safe and healthy. UNITE HERE Local 8 members had a huge part in helping make that happen!

UNITE HERE Local 8’s members led the fight, detailing what they needed to stay safe at work. Even after working physically grueling shifts at hotels, Local 8's members took time away from their families to knock on doors, share their stories and advocate in support of I-124.

Seattle voters pass hotel-workers measure: Read story on I-124's passing in Seattle.

Initiative 124 would require hotels to provide housekeepers with panic buttons, track guests accused of harassment, limit housekeeper workloads, help thousands of low-wage employees pay for health care and retain workers during ownership transfers, among other things.

UNITE HERE Local 26 - Boston

Sheraton Boston Hotel Housekeepers
UNITE HERE Local 30 members supporting #FairHousekeeping: (Top Left): Marriott La Jolla; (Top Right): Hilton San Diego Airport on Harbor Island; (Bottom Left): Hyatt Regency Mission Bay; (Bottom Right): Wyndham San Diego Bayside Hotel

UNITE HERE Local 40 - Vancouver

On November 3, UNITE HERE Local 40 in Vancouver and Local 75 in Toronto held a joint press conference from their respective cities.

Scenes from UNITE HERE Locals 40 in Vancouver (Top) and 75 in Toronto (Bottom) holding a joint press conference for #FairHousekeeping.

In Vancouver, South Asian community leaders and faith groups joined hotel housekeepers from the Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel to demand that the hotel's owner, Larco Hospitality, treat immigrant hotel workers with respect.

Sandeep Kaur Dhaliwal, room attendant, Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel, 16 years: “I came to Canada from India. I rely on my earnings to take care of my family. I have three kids, the oldest is 15. Our job is a tough job. Since our hotel became a Sheraton, [management] started adding new things that made the work harder and harder. I just got back from being on worker’s compensation after hurting ankle pushing myself to finish my checkoff. My employer, Larco, doesn’t respect us, doesn’t care about us workers. We want Larco to value our work and to quit hurting housekeepers and other hotel workers.”

In Toronto, Filipino community leaders joined hotel workers at the Renaissance Toronto Downtown Hotel, also owned by Larco, to send the same message.

Ysh Cabana from AnakBayan Toronto shared a message of solidarity from Filipino youth from across Canada.

UNITE HERE Local 75 - Toronto


UNITE HERE Local 450 - Forest Park, Illinois

IUF's Global Week of Action: "Make My Workplace Safe"

Here is only a small sample of some of the images and video materials produced by UNITE HERE's global allies during this year's Week of Action.

Above video from Nordic Union HRCT.

Korea, KFSU affiliate Novotel Busan Labor Union.
In Lahore, Pakistan, PHRCTCAWF affiliated Employees Union of Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore.
Philippines, NUWHRAIN affiliate Peninsula Manila chapter.
Personal del "Hotel Panamericano" Buenos Aires participó en apoyo a la camapaña de Accion mundial por la dignidad de las camareras de Piso.
Westin Langkawi, Malaysia (National National Union of Hotel, Bar & Restaurant Workers, Peninsular Malaysia)
Argentina UTHGRA
United Voice Victoria - Australia!



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