"Lady Day" coming 2021
"Heat Wave" Acrylic on 17" diameter wooden circle
"Lumos" Oil paint on a 13" x 10" live edge wooden oval.
"Chroma" Acrylic on 8" x 8" wood
"Spirits of the Mountain" 12' x 3' acrylic on drywall


Sofía Ramírez is a first generation Colombian-American visionary artist. She was born in Miami and grew up in a creative household. Her father Andres enjoyed photography and her mother Diana is a talented architect. From an early age, they encouraged her self-expression. It was not until her senior year of high school when she began to lean on the visual arts as an outlet during her parent's divorce. At the age of 17, Sofia moved away from home to pursue a degree in the arts in Baltimore, Maryland. Sofia received a full scholarship to attend Towson University making the Dean's list every semester. She graduated with her BFA in Digital Art and Design December of 2019. While in school she began to do live painting at local venues in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area. She also began curating and organizing multiple pop up art shows to help give a new platform to DMV artists. These were amazing successes fueled entirely by volunteers and community. The event consisted of a variety of artists practicing diverse mediums, music, a hand-built projection mapped stage, flow performers, and a merch table. Sofía continued to paint at concerts throughout the area expanding her network and doing her best to elevate the status of the visual arts on the east coast. She became a resident live painter with local production companies: The Gradient Perspective, Depth Perception and Bassline Business. Sofia worked closest with The Gradient Perspective, a music label and artist collective based out of Washington, DC. She moved on to larger audiences as she began getting invited to paint at festivals like Gem and Jam, Compound Sound, Yonderville, Darkest Before Dawn, Dreamscape, Nightmare, Big Dub, and Luna Light. Some of her most eventful painting experiences have been working with Tribe 13 at a variety of music and art festivals, and being invited to paint at Alex and Allyson Grey’s CoSM for the Full Moon Gathering in August of 2017. Since graduating art school she has moved to Colorado, and has begun pursuing public art opportunities. In the past year she has landed two projects through the city of Denver to create large scale public murals. Sofia also just got on contract for another mural in Loveland, CO. Now more than ever she feels validated that this is the medium she wants her work to live in to make the largest impact. That is not to say that she won’t always have part of her heart in the studio. Sofia simply looks forward to expanding her portfolio of public work to be able to use her gifts to help the morale of communities across the country.

Totem Series collaboration with The Arborary

- A R T I S T - S T A T E M E N T -

My creations reflect the world around me. I hope to encompass the recurring themes in the universe. These themes include unity, harmony among disorder, the perfect structure of all life, and the energy that connects everything. To me, it is the responsibility of artists to break down these immensely complex ideas into the most basic aesthetics for my audience. I use the tools of abstraction, movement and color to emulate the ebb and flow of life all around me. This notion that we are constantly in a state of change has captivated me and my work in many ways reflects that observation. My belief that most beauty is found in the minutiae of life is what drives my process. This belief is translated into my art by paying special attention to demonstrating details in an ornamenting fashion, particularly in my illustrations. Ultimately, I hope to uplift my viewers by giving them a sense of peace and connectivity as they observe my artwork.

JC Salon Mural


  • High School Diploma: Mountain Education Charter High School, Cumming, GA, US Graduation- March 2015
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts- Digital Art and Design: Towson University, Towson, MD, United States Graduation- Fall 2019
  • Received a full ride from merit-based grants to get her BFA at Towson University
  • Maintained a standing on the Dean's List every semester
  • Curated her first gallery in January 2016
  • Became a resident painter and gallery artist with The Gradient Perspective, Badass Raves, Depth Perception, and Bassline Business
  • Invited by Tribe13 to paint at Luna Light Festival 2016, 2017
  • Invited to paint at CoSM for the August 2017 Full Moon Gathering
  • Travelled the country as a resident painter for Bassnectar special events in 2017
  • Completed her first large mural for a salon studio in Maryland. March 2019
  • Curated her second gallery event in April 2019
  • Live painted and worked on a team install for a geodesic lantern installation at Sonic Bloom June 2019
  • Live painted and worked on the projection dome installation team at Yonderville July 2019
  • Completed a public mural for the City of Denver through the Urban Arts Fund on the park facing facade of the under pass on goldsmith gold trail in James A. Bible Park. At approximately the intersection of Oneida and Yale in south Denver. October 2019
  • Graduating with a BFA with a concentration in Digital + Art and Design. December 2019
  • Completed her second public mural for the City of Denver doing a second mural in James A Bible Park. August 2020
  • Started doing residential murals for home owners and air bnb hosts around Colorado. November 2020
  • Began a new contract with the City of Loveland to paint a mural on Black and Blues Music and Brews. December 2020
Urban Arts Fund 2019
Created By
Sofia Ramirez