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The Necklace

Comprehension Check for The Necklace

Possessions in The Necklace reveal that the main character is greedy and wants more than what she can have. Madame Loisel wants to have a rich and lavish life, but with the little money she had, she can not do so.

Madame Loisel is a dynamic character because in the beginning of the story, she was greedy and wanted to have a lavish lifestyle. Although, when she had to work hard for ten years to pay off the debt of the necklace, she changed. She looked hard and coarse like other poor women and her mindset changed from dreaming of a splendid life in riches to a hard working and strong woman. Madame Loisel valued that night when she had been to the party the most because even though she had to pay off ten years of debt, she felt beautiful and awed by others. Her pride motivates Madame Loisel to keep working through the years of debt because she would rather keep her pride than be truthful of her misplacing the necklace. Madame Loisel loosing the necklace is what changed her to be a hard and strong person. It made her realize that she needed to be responsible for her actions on that night by working hard to pay off the dept.

Loss of a Necklace Caused Ten Years of Hard Work and Debt

Civil Peace

Comprehension Check for Civil Peace

Possessions in Civil Peace reveal that the main character thinks little of pessesion. He didn't get upset over what the thieves took, but instead went about his normal routine as though nothing had happened.

Jonathan is a static character because he alsways thought of his family as being the most important to him rather than possessions. Although, his bike is the only possession that he holds dear. Jonathan's motivation is his beloved family. When he got back his bicycle and saw that his house was in good shape was when Jonathan realized that everything was good. Even though he was robbed by the thieves, he still believed that it happened for a reason because "Nothing puzzles God" (Paragraph 43).

God Grants Many Blessing in Disguise


Comprehension Check for Avarice

Possessions in Avarice show that the main character is very avaricious. She has been very wanting since the age of six which has even brought her to want greatly when she is twenty-six.

The main character is static because she is always been avaricious from the age of six to twenty-six. At age six, her most important possession was the seven porcelain buttons from her sister ’s christening gown. Although, at age twenty-six, her most important possession were eight engagement rings.

Avaricious Woman Has Led a Loveless Life

The Good Life

Comprehension Check for The Good Life

Possessions in The Good Life seem to mean nothing to the main character, although her memories of the past are cherished greatly. Her time of having little money and living off of bread and coffee meant more to her than the way she was living now.

The main character is static because unlike others, she cares more for her memories of the past than money. Her most important possession is her memories of the past when she was poor and lived off of coffee and bread.

Memories Weigh More Than Money


Comprehension Check for Money

Possessions in Money made the children understand what not to do. Instead of being like the beggers and wasting their money, the children were taught to save it and spend it wisely just as their parents told them to.

The children are static because they have always been told to save their money and when the time comes, they save it instead of spending it. Their most important possession is the time they spend with their parents. They look up to their parents and listen to them diligently when they are told advice.

Saving Money Could Save You Your Life

The Golden Touch

Comprehension Check for The Golden Touch

Possessions in The Golden Touch had blinded King Midas and made him want even more of his lust for gold. When he turned his daughter into a stone, he realized that she was more important that gold and any other thing in the world.

King Midas is dynamic because at the beginning of the story, he is lustful of gold and wants nothing more than to have it. Although, at the end of the story he realizes that gold is nothing compared to his love for his daughter. His most important possession is his daughter because she taught him that love for one another is greater than any object in the world. His motivation toward the end is to save his daughter and bring her back because he turned her into a gold statue. His daughter being turned into a golden statue is what changed him to realize that what he was doing was wrong and that he needed to make everything go back to the way it was before.

Father Kills Daughter During Golden Madness

from King Midas

Comprehension Check for from King Midas

Possessions in from King Midas show that once King Midas realized his mistake, he changed his opinion about possessions and his lust for gold. Although, the Queen was jealous of the power he had and though he was stupid for asking to get rid of it. She cared more about possessions than any other.

King Midas dynamic because he went from being greedy to understand that there is more to life than gold. Although, the Queen is static because she is always jealous of King Midas and thinks that he was stupid to ask to be rid of his golden touch.

King Loves Family, Unlike Queen Who Loves Money

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