5A10 White house Presentation BY: BRENDAN HOLMES 2/22/17 Mrs.Daniher

George Washington lived in the White House in 1797. Roosevelt moved into the white House in 1935.In 1942 a new east wing was constructed. In 2010 Obama also decided to install solar panels on the White House. Finally in 2017 Trump moved into the whiten house.

The first place I picked Is the basketball court and it is located in the back of the white house on the south lawn. Barrack Obama played basketball with the Wounded Warriors, a group of people that play basketball in a wheelchair. Some of the artifacts in the basketball court are a basketball and the basket.

The map room is my second choice and it is located on the east wing. The map room is used for the situation room. Artifacts in the map room are a collection of figures.

The last room I pick is the cabinet room and it is located in the west wing of the white house. A fact about the cabinet room is where the president meetings are. One object in the cabinet room is an oval table that the meetings are at.

Fun Facts About the White House

  1. There is 132 rooms in the white house
  2. There are also 32 bathrooms
  3. And also 6 levles


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