Water scarcity of Egypt Greated by samuel ellis teacher ms yEo

Physical water scarcity- is when there is no water in the area because of the environment.

Economic water scarcity- is when there is water in the area but you can't buy it.

The factors that cause water scarcity is-the environment in Egypt is super dry so the people who live there can't grow food, and also the water can't soak into the ground. The water scarcity is also caused by the government. The government causes the water scarcity by not having enough money to afford the water, or to get a station to collect water and clean it.

As you can see Egypt is on the top right of North Africa

Water scarcity in Egypt is caused by-the pollution in the Nile river that runs across Egypt. These rises in pollution are often caused by the Nile's low water level. The growing Egyptian population is draining the country's drinking water supply.

This map shows that Egypt does not get that much rainfall because it is in the top right of North Africa. Egypt does not get that much rainfall. This country is closer to the North Pole so it is hotter. The sun is so hot that most of the dirty water they have is evaporated into gas and then the water gas gets taken away.

The environment effects the water scarcity in Egypt by the sun drying up the ground so no water can be stored in it. There are no plants at all so they can not create water using them.

Water scarcity is the reason for women in Egypt to have to spend hours walking to get water for there family.

Climate graph of Egypt

These graphs say that Egypt does not get that much rainfall and they have high temperatures.

This is what Egypt is trying to do to stop water scarcity. They store water in very large tanks.

Another way to stop water scarcity is for the government to buy water cleaning stations.

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