Final Digital Portfolio By: Chris Luehs

When I first entered college, my writing had very raw skill but I had never gone through a writing intensive course before. I showed up with enough writing skill to get me by as a high school writer but knew there was much room for improvement before I could start submitting college level work. When I first started, I was not confident in the skills I did have when I was writing and it was very evident as my early writing was very quote heavy and I barely scraped the surface into the world of paraphrasing. I was very hesitant to use the constructive criticism because I felt I could fix the problems in my writing on my own and was never much of a drafter, but when I really started focusing on the constructive criticism that was given to me by my professor, the writing center and my peers, my writing showed drastic improvements within my sentence structure, vague generalizations, and ability to draft the highest degree.

The passage above is the first paragraph of the original draft I handed in for my second writing assignment. The edits that needed to be made to that paragraph were very much the same as the Ede assignment, vague generalizations. Below is the same paragraph after I edited it for the final writing assignment. As you can see, the generalizations are gone such as where I wrote "the only reason" and "the factors", because that is not the only reason as to why people get addicted and I cannot state "the factors" because I did not name all the factors, just some.
Another aspect of my writing that has improved has been sentence structure and sentence clarity. This passage taken from my tenth Ede assignment in late October. The paragraph is a jumbled mess of many non informative sentences. This is very hard to understand as a reader mainly because the summary of the chapter is in the second person. Below is the summary from our last Ede short writing assignment. The sentence structure much clearer with little to no run on sentences and the summary is fully in the third person.
The short paragraph above is an excerpt from my first ever draft. As you can see I did not take my draft very seriously because I knew that handing it in would get me full credit. As the semester went on I soon realized the value of drafting and editing to improve the final outcome of my writing assignments as you can see with the excerpt below which is a paragraph from my second writing assignment draft. As you can see I even use citations in this draft and made it as close to the final product as I possibly could to not only make the process for creating the final quick and simple, but also to get as much real writing practice as possible.

As I finish my first college semester, my writing has drastically improved. The fixed many of the problems that I entered the year with simply by putting more time and effort into my writing. During my high school career I was okay with handing in mediocre work just to be done with the assignment so I would write run on sentences, not put effort into drafts, and the result of this would be jumbled sentences and vague generalizations to avoid having multiple sides of a subject. When I entered college, I realized that it was time I needed to put full effort into all of my writing. Although some of my bad habits from high school showed up in some of the early work above, as the semester went on and I became accustomed to the college writing process used that to make improvements in my writing. Now, these bad habits from high school are gone and the new habits I have are the ones I learned in this class!


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