Skeleton Key By. Anthony Horowitz



Anthony Horowitz-

Anthony Horowitz was born April 5, 1995. He was born in Stanmore, located in the United Kingdom. He found his love for writing around the early age of eight. Now Horowitz lives in Central London, with his wife Jill Green. Anthony and Jill got married April 15, 1988 in Hong Kong. They had two sons.


Skeleton Key is in a 21st century time and very similar to today's world. The location although, changes throughout the book. It starts at Alex Rider's school. Then Alex travels to the Wimbledon Tennis tournaments. Next Mr. Rider goes to the state of Florida. After that he lands in Cuba, then London and finally Russia.

plot summary

Alex Rider is a young teenager that works for MI6. He goes to Wimbledon to be a ball boy and is to report things that are suspicious. After he gets back, he tells himself he will never work for them again. But, he does it again in the book. This time is much more dangerous and he travels to many part of the world in hunt for a man that has a very destructive bomb.

Main Characters

Alex Rider

Alex is a very smart, athletic, teenage boy. He has light brown hair, brown eyes and a athletic figure.

Sabrina Pleasure

Sabrina Pleasure is a teenage girl with dark hair, bright blue eyes and freckles. She is a very nice outgoing person.

Alan Blunt

Alan Blunt is a caucasian man in his late 50's with grey hair and eyes.

Alexei Sarov

Alexie Saros is a Russian man, with a grayish white skin color. His eyes are described as cold and his hair, greying.


There are many themes that could be used in explaining this book. But I believe that the deepest theme you can use is, in whatever you do, do the best you can and throughout the toughest circumstances stay strong and you can make to out.

Conflict and resolution

There is much conflict in Skeleton Key. To sum it up, Alex gets in a lot of trouble, with gangs and General Sarov, both of which could have ended deadly. I believe though, that the main conflict is in the end when General Sarov is about to detonate the bomb and kill many. But, Alex Rider gets the bomb out of the way of harming the people in the city and saves the innocent people.


"Drugs, weapons. False identities. Information. If you need something and it's against the law, the Salesman will supply it. At a price, of course." pg.124. This quote lets you see what kind of people Alex Rider is dealing with. It shows you how, just at 15, he is up against huge crime lords that will do anything to make it.

221 "The Casa de Oro is fenced all around. The fence is electrified. There is only one entrance and it is well guarded. Do not attempt to escape, Alex. If you do, you may be shot and this is not at all what I have planned. After today, I'm afraid I will be moving you to separate quarters. As you may well be aware, I have important guests arriving and it would be better for you to 'have your own space,' as I believe you say. You are still welcome to use the house, the pool, the grounds. But,I would ask you remain invisible, My guests speak very little english so there is no point in approaching them. If you cause me any embarrassment, I will have you whipped." (pg. 221) This gives you a good visual on what kind of place Alex is in. You can see that there is almost no way of getting out and bad consequences if you try. Also, you see the harm in the man Alex is dealing with by what he will do if Alex tries to leave. This quote tells a lot about the story just in those two ways.

Vocabulary Words

Interrogating- To examine by questions

Illuminate - To brighten up

Concentration- exclusive attention to one object

Maneuvering- A planned or regulated movement

Oblivion- The state of forgetting


I personally think that this is a very great book. I enjoy reading books of this genre. I am always intrigued and thinking about what will come up. I know I like a book when I just do not want to put it down. But, when I do I constantly think about what will happen and want to find out. I strongly recommend this book. The group I would most recommend this to is probably young adults or anyone who enjoys action or suspense, because if there isn't action in this book there is suspense and it keeps you alert throughout. If I had three words to describe this book I would say, compelling, engaging, and easy-to-read. First, I chose compelling, because when I opened the book I did not want to shut it, and I wanted to finish it all at once. The book just kept bringing me back to fin out what was going to happen. Second, engaging, because you feel part of the action. The author sort of brings you into the action and you feel like you are there and you can see the fighting and danger around you, you feel part of the scene, like you are the character. Finally, easy-to-read, because this book kept me entertained. There was never a time where I wasn't interested in the book. It was easy to keep reading or pick it up to read and go on with the story because there was always me wanting to read the action scene or know what the suspense was leading to.



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