The French Revenge By Johnell Clark

The Cause

The enlightenment is disrupting the church. The leaders of the church are in a ongoing battle between the refreshing scientist. Old views are continually being challenged. The French Revolution is slowly gaining recognition. Due to the economic status the whole colony is in a financial crisis. The uprising of the third estate has put us citizens in a war we may never win. The inequality within the estates is causing a power struggle. The revolution may have just begun

The sucusess of the revolution may be under scrutiny. The French citizens did obtain what we wanted but at what cost. The death of our neighbors the all around war. We gained the deceleration of the right of man and of the citizen. The king feared us but we were scared to.

Reign of terror

The Reign of terror folded the city lightning fast. It created a wave of fear through every citizen. The out brake of civil war between the village rebels and the government only added fuel to the fire. The leaders in The bustling city of Paris used the revolutionary tribunal to eliminate any resistance of the revolution.

Maximilien Robespierre made the declaration to use terror to defend the public from many enemies. Any one they demean a threat died by guillotine. Many of us French people died under suspicion. The most common victims were peasants and labores the ones the revolution was supposed to protect. 17,000 people died a small percentage of the French population. The end of the reign of terror came when the leader Maximilien Robespierre was sentenced to death. France rejoiced in the end of their fear.

Other countries opinions

Other European countries such as Great Britain, Prussia, Russia and Austria all got together to find a way to make Europe peaceful after the war within France. During the revolution Great Britain, Prussia, Holland,Spain and Austria were worried enough and banned together to make war on France. These countries with stored order and stability back into Europe.

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