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Trump Bashes Chinese Military And Economy 12/8/16
Trump's new released emails reveal complaints about the policy for the Chinese Military and Economic System.

To-be President, Donald Trump, who in his election speech agreed to attempt and reconcile some of our foreign relationships, recently posted a couple tweets bashing the Chinese military and economy.

The phone call, said to be established by Bob Dole, got heated with the president of Taiwan and Trump, bashing their economic relations with China and not, as Donald said, strengthening our foreign relations.

After China's unusual call with Trump, the first president-elect to Taiwanese leader conversation since Jimmy Carter, Trump referred to China as a currency manipulator, which he stated again in his recent tweets.

Japan Plans to Slow Space Junk 12/9/16

Japan launches cargo ship to remove space debri from Earths orbit

With the help of a fishing net company, a tether made of aluminium strands and steel wire was created to help slow and trap some of the 100,000,000 pieces of space debris.

This space debri, moving at speeds up to 17,500 mph, came from discarded equipment, tools from space ships, old satellites, and bits of rockets.

This tether will help prevent damage to satellites, the world's orbital telecommunications network, etc as a part of a mission to make safer space travel for astronauts.

What does this mean for Japan and their space initiatives? Will they be more involved in space exploration and possible colonization?

Synthetic Marijuana spiking in America 12/12/16

A rise in synthetic marijuana use threatens many americans

In the last few months, there has been a dramatic increase in the use of synthetic marijuana. This substance is also known on the street as spice, K2 or scooby snacks.

The drug gives the user feeling of super human abilities and can cause strange behaviors with unexplainable actions. K2 used to be legal in tobacco stores, but has recently become outlawed.

Police are beginning to enter areas with a high population of homeless citizens to try and raise awareness of the drug to try and lower the user rate.

New Market for Emojis 12/13/16
Emojis Translators Have a new purpose for movie Subtitles and more

Over 100 applicants have already signed up to become an official emoji translator.

These skilled workers can make anywhere $64 to $140 for translating 1,000 emojis for companies to use in several different ways.

Emojis may even be able to bring back old, forgotten languages and cultures.

Japan Sets Sights on Casino Industry 12/14/16
Japan may open it's door to casinos as a new source of revenue

The previous ban on gambling in the world's third largest economy may end and open opportunity for an over 30 billion dollar market. Macau is the destination for the luxurious new casino industry with several social and economical advantages.

Not everyone is open to the idea though. Many citizens are worried about a gambling addiction epidemic and social costs. But with little to no gambling permissions in the country, the casino industry's potential revenue may be enough to pass the bill.

Big money industries like Las Vegas Sands, and MGM Grand are very interested in being involved in Japan's economy. Other local firms also will have a very important role.

Artificial Intelligence May Replace Teaching 12/15/16

Recent ADAPTATIONS in ARTIFICIAL intelligence could substitute for many teaching jobs

Many technical and publishing companies are dabbling into the idea of applying artificial intelligence into industries like teaching. Recent updates in this technology have created a computer with the ability to create jokes, showing creative and repetitive tasks.

Georgia Tech deployed a simulated teaching assistant to help students with their work in an online forum. Many benefits were seen in the simulation such as the quick responses, never being bored, distracted, or tired. The robot helped many students without revealing it's identity.

Pearson is currently working on an online, artificially intelligent textbook that is combined with a tutor. The system can provide prompts and encouraging assistance to the students as they navigate. This could be the new norm for education in the next coming years.

Extinction May Be a Thing of The Past 12/16/16
New advances in cloning may be the end to extinction

Scientists have the ability now to clone replicas of animals, including species that have gone extinct. They successfully cloned an extinct goat called a bucardo, but sadly he died shortly after birth.

Knowing they have this ability, researchers are looking into the extent of this ability. With modification and more knowledge of cloning, we may be able to bring back such species such as the Dodo bird, the woolly mammoth, and the passenger pigeon.

De-extincting these animals may be beneficial to our ecosystem as well. These species may have the ability to reform our ecosystems to how they were in prehistoric times and could possibly change the landscape in places like the Antarctic.

Russian Ambassador Shot at Art Gallery 12/20/16

A well timed photographer, Burhan Ozbilici, was attending an art gallery where the Ambassador of Turkey was giving a speech. But suddenly shots barreled from the art museum and the Ambassador was killed.

Right after the shooting the photographer took shelter and snapped a few pictures of the shooter. The shooter was said to be screaming about Aleppo.

After guards were brought in, the shooter was killed and the photo's taken by the photographer indicated the man was standing behind the ambassador almost like a friend of a bodyguard.

Drilling Banned in Arctic and Pacific
Obama Bans oil drilling in most us owned northern waters

Obama has put an indefinite ban on drilling in all pacific and arctic waters as a mean to preserve the economy and ecosystem of these places.

Canada has also put a similar ban on their waters. Although they will review their ban every five years, Obama's was put in place as indefinite.

Obama, leaving office in January, may have made it very difficult for president elect Trump to repeal this ban. This may cause some difficulty in his economic tactics.

Youtube Star Kicked off Delta Flight
Adam Saleh kicked off plane after apparent terrorist threat

After an investigation began on a London flight Wednesday, two passengers were removed due to what Delta called "a disturbance"

According to Adam Saleh and his companion Slim Albaher, he was speaking a different language while on a phone call with his mother, which resulted with them being removed from the plane.

Delta is saying they take these allegations very seriously and announces they are gathering all information before jumping to any conclusions.

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