Most amazing organisims By, landis felts

Speed - A leopard can rush up to 36 miles per hour

How and when do they hunt?

A leopard is a very stealthy animal, they hide in trees from other predators. They also don't sleep, at night they spend most of their time hunting while other animals are sleeping.

How does their spotted coats help them?

A leopards coat helps them a lot by giving them almost perfect camouflage to hide in trees and in the sand in deserts. This keeps them hidden from predators and it helps them hide their kill in the tree too.

How long does a leopard live?

a leopard lives up to 12-17 years in the wild

Leopard reproduction:

Leopards reproduce sexually through the mating of males and females. Females come into heat every couple of months for a period of 6 to 7 days, during which they can conceive.



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