Tiger!!! by Evan

Our bot is the best because it is fast. It has a scale speed 150mph. It can ram into other bots because it's so fast. The faster it goes the lights get brighter. It can also speed away from other bots. My partners are Emma and Angelica. The reason we did this project is to learn to write and to learn the design cycle process. Our bot name is Tiger. Our bot is the best because it has sharp weapons, very decorative, and durable.

Our bot is the greatest because it has sharp weapons. In the front we have a sharp cone. The sides of the wheels we have sharp nails and 3D printed spikes. We use the front cone to run into people with. The spikes on the side stab the other bots. Our bots spikes and nails are very deadly for most bots.

Our bot awesome because it is very decorative. It has ears that have fur and are black and orange. The body has black and orange stripes. We have a sharp cone the represents the teeth of the Tiger. The spikes on the sides represents the claws of the Tiger. That's why it is very decorative.

Tiger is unmatchable because it is durable. The bumper is made of a hard plastic. The tires are made of some kind strong rubber. It can handle a lot of smashing. The rims can handle a lot as well. That is why it is durable.

Our bot is the greatest because it has sharp weapons very decorative and durable. Our bot is unmatchable because of its sharp weapons. Our bot is awesome because of its decorations. “It's a never ending battle of making your cars better.”- Dale Earnhardt

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