cinematographer Career Research

What does a Cinematographer do? and work independently, or as part of a team/group?

A cinematographer or director of photography (DP) is someone who oversees or directs photography and camerawork in movie-making, especially one who operates the camera. Depending on the studio or the producer of the project the cinematographer may have a team to work with, they are typically in charge of the team. "The cinematographer's job is finding the images that bring the story to life and capturing its meaning in a memorable way." (source: Blain Brown)

What kind of education and skills are required?

A degree not necessary, but it is ideal. A bachelor's degree in film, film studies or related field.

  • Cinematography is an art
  • Have sharp eyes and an understanding of storytelling
  • Understand the technical aspects of light and shadow, staging and photographic perspective
  • Know what the director needs and wants
How much does a cinematographer get payed? - $49,080

What type of company, organization or institution might someone in this profession work?

  • You will be working in the film industry
  • This could be making T.V. commercial to making a full feature-length film
  • You could work for a small studio or big studio
Based on your research, is this a career that you think you might be interested in? Why or why not?

I have grown up watching and loving cinema. I would love to work in this industry, because you get to work with such amazing artiest. If you ask me I think this is the easiest job in the film industry. A cinematographer is a very praised and beloved job and i think anyone would be lucky to work in it


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