Jelle and Janneke Huisman in Croatia 2017: end of year review

Jelle and Janneke Huisman are International Teams members working with Roma Bible Union in Osijek, Croatia. This page gives a short impression of some of our activities in 2017.

January: Training Roma Bible translators in Slovakia

Jelle: "I was in Hermanovce nad Toplou, a little village in the east of Slovakia at the end of a road. It felt like it was in the middle of nowhere. It is 600 km. away from Osijek. The translation organisation, “The Word for the World,” works there on a Bible translation in an East Slovak Romani language. I gave lessons about the process of Bible explanation. Five Roma translators and proofreaders were there." [read more]

February: what happened in the Roma village

Weekly contacts with people in the Roma village are an interesting part of our life: always full of surprises and sometimes quite intense, like on this Sunday afternoon: [read more]

March / April

In March and April we were in The Netherlands for a couple of weeks. Jelle was involved in organizing a large conference about Scripture Use. Janneke used the opportunity to meet with a lot of friends and family and for the children it was an opportunity to go to their Dutch school. Laurens was particularly excited about the time when stayed on a farm for a couple of days. [more pictures]

May / June

In May we went a couple of days to Hungary: not with the car, as we usually do, but on the bike [read more] Figuring out where you are and where you want to go: not only important when you are cycling through the Hungarian countryside, but also in a mission. Jelle got more involved in the leadership of Roma Bible Union.


A children's choir in our sending church (in Randwijk, The Netherlands) donated money for use in the Roma church. We were able to buy and plant these fruit trees. [read more]


This is how we do "Dutch School" in Croatia: thanks to our teachers (if you can't go to school, school will come to you.)


A few days before this picture was taken the house of these boys burned down. Now they sit in front of there new home. Tomorrow they will have a baby brother (but they din't know that yet. [Read more]


Janneke went to Bor (East-Serbia) with an RBU team. Children's work in the Roma village, handing out Bibles in the church, starting a Roma women group and just a lot of good experiences with the team. [Read more]

A 10 year journey

In October we celebrated the fact that our missions-journey started 10 years ago. A lot has happened, we have a lot tho be thankful for. [Read more]


The first edition of Kaskade Magazine, in which young Roma Christians tell their story. Janneke mentors two of the writers. [Read more]


Sometimes you need to step back and look at your work from a distance. We did that at a study conference about Roma and Christianity. [Read more]

Thank you for your interest and thank you for your support, both in prayer and financially. We are committed to continue with our mission: "the Bible for all Roma." Do you journey with us? Thank you!

We receive no salary from International Teams or Roma Bible Union, but we have a faithful group of supporting friends and churches. Join our support team and be part of what God is doing among Roma in Central and Eastern Europe. Information about giving can be found here: http://www.levenstekens.nl/support-en/

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