Being 15 in the UK By: Chris mcamis 8th hour

I did my research on the great city of Britain London. Lives between the British and Americans are very similar and don't have much differences.

Based on my brief time of research, Ive found that living in Britain is almost identical to America.

Its very easy to live in Great Britain. Kids have more than anything they need to live in comfort.

They all have the freedom to live the way they like, teens have very good education and are very well provided with roofs over there head and food to eat.

I think my evidence represents my claim because it tells how easy and relatable life is to America and how unlike it is to a place like Nigeria or ect.

15 year olds in Britain like to play and txt on their phones or hang out with their buddies during or after school in the city.

I think one thing that you (my audience) could take away from my presentation is that we are still very related and alike to our neighbors in the UK.

My views on this country is that I don't really feel anything for these kids or how they live because they are very lucky to live the way they do compares to teens in third world countrys.


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