Week 19 (2017): JLC After School 3rd Grade Mrs. Rich

Dear 3rd Grade Families,

Hi! This week our class learned the vowels Kubutz and Shuruk. They both make the sound "oo" as in "oo, that hurts". Our class also learned the rule using Chet with a vowel "Ah" underneath. The students were taught that at the end of a word with this letter and vowel, the sounds flip to "ach."

We worked in centers where one group created letters out of pipe cleaners, legos and play doh. The other center the students worked with a Hebrew Tic Tac Toe game in Seesaw and created Hebrew letter videos. Please check out the tutorials from this week below.


*Complete pages 78-84. Please check with your child since there are optional pages amongst these.

*Flashcard sorting into “know” and “don’t know” piles

* Seesaw Hebrew letter video to submit for an extra Rich Buck.

See you next week!

Sincerely, Stacy Rich

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