Bianca Fortis

Bianca Fortis is a journalist based out of New York City. Bianca has a background in writing for community. She graduated in 2010 from UCF and she said that “my path has taken a lot of twists and turns.” She enjoys freelance writing, has had an internship in Washington DC. She spent a summer applying to many jobs and then took a job in Washington State for a small paper in a rural community. After he job in Washington State she moved to New York City and worked for local papers and then began her work on Soldiers Without a Nation. Fortis explained the importance to “always expand your skill-set.” She was a great example of how important it is to expand your skill set you can have different opportunities.

Bianca Fortis is one of the directors of the documentary Soldiers Without a Nation. Soldiers Without a Nation is a documentary on veterans who were being deported. Her friends decided to go to Mexico to get a closer look at this issue. In order to be in the United States military you do not have to be a US Citizen. Many of these veterans finish their deployment and commit crimes which then subject them to jail time. Once they serve their sentence, even though they have served in the military, they are then deported. Veterans are deported to many countries however, the soldiers that Bianca and her friends interviewed are mostly from Tijuana

When these soldiers are deported they often times do not even fully know the language of their home country and most do not have jobs. Veteran care is bad enough in the United States but veteran care in Tijuana is much worse. Most of these citizens are in the United States on a Green Card, however Bianca explains that there must be some sort of illegal issue involved in order to be deported. Even though Bianca spent time in other countries she explains that “we were three women who took precautions and were very careful but I can’t say that we had worse situations than we did in the US.” Fortis’s colleagues have spoken to US leaders on the issue and said that many of them say they will do something about the issue but never do. However, she said that Bernie Sanders went to the border to bring up the issue.

Fortis spoke about how never know if someone will be willing to talk with you about a proble. She said “the veterans want to be in the media and want to have their face in front of the camera.” Approaching them in the right way and being sensitive and sincere helps them open up.” Bianca and her team received grants and other than that most of the money for the production comes from the filmmaker of Soldiers Without a Nation.

Bianca is also currently working on other stories besides Veterans Without a Nation. One of these stories is Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos in Tijuana: Where Faith and Culture Collide. In this story Fortis writes about the festival that takes place on the San Diego- Tijuana border. In October Halloween and Dia De Los Muertos are both celebrated.

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