THE Brant Town Hall

The history

Brent Town Hall was completed, as Wembley Town Hall, in 1940. Until 2013, the building was the seat of Brent London Borough Council and several civic services. The building is now occupied by the Lycée International de Londres Winston Churchill.

Most British town halls of the period were less innovative than Wembley's. For example most had an internal courtyard - Wembley did not and It was even fitted with a bomb-proof first-aid post.

Dudok was a modern architect but, unlike many Continental Modernists, he used brick (in this case, from Lincolnshire), a traditional material, rather than reinforced concrete. He also shunned functionalism. This made him very popular with British architects, as they were more used to using brick than concrete and had more conservative patrons.

THE clues we found around the school

Events and services

mortuary:A mortuary is a room where the death body's are kept

library:A library is a place where the community can find books Which are put there for them.

An accountancy is an office where they're Managementing about taxes and assurances.

offices: a set of rooms used as place of businesses for non-Manuel work.

air lock:An air lock is a restriction liquid flow caused by gas trapped in a high point of a liquid-filled pipe system.

switch room:a room in a building dedicated to electrical equipment.

A typing pool is a group of secretaries working at a company available to assist any executive without a permanently assigned secretary.

legal library:A law library is a library designed to assist law students, judges and their law clerks, and anyone else who finds it necessary to correctly determine the state of the law.

storeroom:a room in which items are stored.

boiler room:a room containing a boiler and related heating equipment.

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By Anna,Alexandre and Malvine

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