Rhythm And Resistence

Resistance….Resistance is to prevent something from happening. Resistance is important because it allows people to fight against the negative thoughts people think in this world and the laws that people do not want. Poetry allows you to engage the reader with powerful words getting them to listen to you. I hope that this collection of poems inspires some people and maybe makes them want to do the something.

The first poem that I will talk about is “Wasting your Time.” This poem starts off strong. It shows and tells what girls should do and not do. It is resisting how men judge women and hopefully inspiring and empowering women to react a certain way. This poem has great detail. The second poem in my collection is called “Killers United.” It is about how people go to the army.Which we all know that it is sad and you care about all your people.We all think about each other the same way.we never wont someone to come home with a missing hand or arm.We don't wanna see that then it would be sad.Now my last poem is called Black Resistance is like we don't wanna see people get shot.and die.we love all our people we will not kill our own kind or other people..love your family and be safe.


Created with images by stavros karabinas - "studens against police forces"

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