Definition: According to Merriam-Webster this word means, "of or relating to manual work or skill." Middle English, probably from Medieval French mecanique, adjective & noun, from Latin mechanicus, from Greek mēchanikos, from mēchanē. First Known Use: 14th centu
According to me this term means so much more. My grandpa was a mechanic in World War 2. The aircraft's that he would work on had been shot several times and it was his job to get them in the air. He was not just there for his labor these people trusted him with there lives.
Mechanics are dedicated individuals that people rely on to know the system that they are working on and fix it efficiently. They must know the system and how it work so they can not only find the problem but fix it too.
Mechanics are not the people who can just change oil or strap parts onto a vehicle. Mechanics don't just replace parts to fix a pickup or car, they are the people who Know how all the parts work together and are able to find exactly where something failed.
I hate when people say, "If you just want to be a wrencher." Mechanics are called grease monkeys or people say we just replace parts.
A good mechanic is someone who loves what they do. This group of people need to be smart and driven.


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