Mount St. Helen's eruption was caused by earth movement causing a catastrophic reaction from the mountain that changed the people and the Earth’s surface.

Here is the background knowledge I got, the eruption of mount St. Helens took place on May 18, 1980, 8:32 A. M. Mount St. Helens is located in the state of Washington. The Mountain produce a large amount of timber from its Forest and water supply from its rivers.The Pacific Northwest people call the mountain, “Louwalalclough” or “Smoking Mountain”.

The summit was 3,000 meters above sea level before eruption.

How much Damage did the eruption of mount St. Helens cause? The eruption of Mt. St. Helens, was one of the most catastrophic event in American history. The eruption of Mount St. Helens on May 18, 1980, caused the destruction of 27 bridges, over 200 homes and 4.7 billion boards of timber. In addition, 15 miles of railway and 185 miles of highway were damaged or destroyed. Causing over $100,000,000 of damage. Fifty-seven people were confirmed dead during and after the eruption and killed every wild animal in its path. Plus, another four deaths occurred as an indirect result of the eruption. This death total including the death of David A. Johnston, who was a USGS volcanologist studying Mount St. Helens during the eruption. This eruption also leaved people with no power or electricity.

This eruption is part of the continuous cycle of minerals on earth because during the eruption, something underneath the earth called magma rose to the earth's surface. An addition to that, a massive landslide which was said to be the North face of Mount St. Helens brought trees, homes and buildings underground.

Why did the Mount Saint Helens eruption that took place in the state of Washington? The reason why Mount St. Helens erupted in this spot on earth is because Mount St. Helens is a stratovolcano. A stratovolcano has the thickest, stickiest lava. Because the lava can’t escape easily, it builds up under high pressure, until the volcano pops. There are other locations on earth where there have been similar events. For example, Mt Thera. These two eruptions are similar because what caused Thera eruption was to tectonic plates rubbing together and the magma had to go somewhere and earthquakes and tsunamis caused magma to shift, building pressure under the mountain. Causing the mountain to BLOW UP!!!!!!!! How did this event destroy, build and change the Earth’s crust? This event had a series of small earthquakes and a really big one alongside a couple of floods around the mountain.

sThe impact of this event would have been a much worse that hasn't been there for these inventions or discoveries that we had at that time. An invention is known as a monitor system called Cold water 1 and Cold water 2 we're made to a study the volcanoes movement and behavior. Things to Cold water 1 in Cold water 2 we have found out that there were some weird vibration in the Mountain so, we could predict that Mount Saint Helens was about to erupt. Another event when was the Hazardous warnings or notifications on TV telling people to move out or leave the area. Radio communication was a big thing. An example when they used it was when authorities or someone else found someone and they radioed a helicopter to that location. Another example is how scientists communicated when they were studying the mountain. Lastly, another major thing was helicopter rescue. What the helicopter rescue did was the pilot was radioed to pick up a survivor and take he or she to the hospital or a safe location away from the eruption.

How is scientific knowledge of this event or condition informed personal and Community decisions over the world that they occur? Because of this event people will live now be more aware of if they live or where you're planning to move has an active volcano nearby.

In conclusion, this was the Mt. Saint Helen's eruption and the disasters that came with it. I hope after reading this you have a better understanding the Mount St. Helen's eruption and learned more about volcanoes.


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