Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua

Daniel Ortega is the president of Nicaragua. He was president for 6 years from 1984-1990, in Nicaragua presidents can not run for two consecutive terms they must wait till some else had a turn. So in 2007 Daniel decided to run for president again he then was able to change the law and is now in his 3rd term as president in 2017 with the first ever couple as president and vice president. He was able to make the poverty total go from 42% to only 30% of the country. He also worked trade deals with other countries to help get the country's economy going again.

Daniel Is related to the 8 themes in world history through Power and Authority because he has been president for a total of 16 years with more to come. Also he is respected by most everyone in Nicaragua although there is those who oppose him.

He is also related through revolution. He held a major part in the FSLN functions and in the information with alliances. Which him and many others than caused a civil war with a Sandinista victory.

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"Free Homeland or Die"

Daniel Ortega once said, "The people of Nicaragua were suffering oppression. This made us develop an awareness which eventually led us to commit ourselves to the struggle against the domination of the capitalists of our country in collusion with the U.S. government, i.e. imperialism."

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