Day of Tips Friendly reminders to maximize fun!

Let's Get the Party Started!

Getting Ready

1. The Detail "Box"

Put all details you want photographed in a box/bag for when I arrive. That way I won't be spending time searching for and gathering those items. I often recommend a box for each person. The main box often includes items such as the wedding stationary & envelopes, rings. Her box might include day of jewelry, veil, that something old, new, borrowed, and blue. While his box might include cuff tie, cuff links, watch, etc.

2. The Dress

Bring a nice non-plastic hanger to display that gorgeous gown!

3. The Getting Ready area

Keep the getting ready area clutter free. Most of your bridal party will bring bags, extra clothes, make up, etc. By designating a certain wall or corner of a room for everyone’s gear you can minimize the chances of your bridal party's belongings being spread chaotically throughout the getting ready space.

4. Know how to tie those ties and fold those squares

Having a few knot and origami savvy members of the bridal party can help keep everything running smoothly. Take a second before the big day to decide which knot will be tied and how the pocket square will be folded.

5. Getting Dressed

Take your time! After days, months, maybe even years of planning the few moments you spend getting into your attire are the moments where it all comes together! Savor this time, be present, take it all in!

6. Take a final check

I will be helping with this, but just before we leave the getting ready area we will take a minute to make sure everything is in place and no detail is missing.

Here Comes The Bride!


1. Unplugg

There will be plenty of chance for guest to snap a pic of you after the ceremony concludes. So have your officiant make an announcement or sign for an “unplugged” ceremony.

2. Keep those heads high and the bouquets nice low

When walking in be sure to remind your bridal party to look up and smile. If there are stairs on the entrance add a pause to the walk at the top and bottom to allow your bridal party a chance to look away from their feet. And remember to keep those bouquets at the belly button.

3. Keep the officiant looking official

Check in with your officiate (if they are a friend/family member) on their appearance, make sure they have a nice book or folio to use if they need something to read from; no plastic clipboards/binders or magazines please.

4. Help them take a seat

Everyone and then in the excitement of it all an officiant may forget to tell the guests to take a seat once the couple is at the alter. While this is not common I have now seen multiple weddings where the guests are not seated until partway through the ceremony - several times I have seen the whole crowd remain standing throughout ALL-OF-IT! This hinders them being present. They may just be thinking "should I sit? Should we sit? Can we sit now?" To help ensure this doesn't happen first make sure the officiant knows to tell everyone when to be seated. And second let your parents know when to sit, that way if the officiant happens to forget the crowd will follow your families' queue. (Traditionally the crowd is to take queues from the mother of the bride).

5. Boogie on out!

Before exiting the ceremony pause and look out at your guests. Remember to take in the moment and celebrate! BOOYAH! While exiting the ceremony feel free to stop and kiss/twirl/high five in the middle of the aisle!

All About Love!

First Look & Couple Portraits

1. Keep it Natural

Don’t feel like you have to force a smile or a certain expression throughout the day. Relax, live in the moment, and just be yourself. The magic will come naturally!

2. All the PDA

Guess what this is the one day where you get to show off that love! So flaunt it especially around me!

3. Slow motion

Live out all the nuzzles, cuddles, and snuggles in slow motion. Don't rush, take in the moment with one another.

4. Eskimo kisses not Eskimo Squishes

When being prompted to nuzzle and snuggle remember to keep those touches light and gentle. A little lovey smoosh is cute here and there, but for the most part just brush lightly during those nose-to-nose or nose-to-cheek moments. Save the crazy tight smooshes for the kisses!

Some Super Rad People!

Bridal Party & Family Photos

1. Get in Close

Space can be awkward. For group photographs we are all friends and family here so don't be surprised when I ask everyone to get in tight.

2. Free the pockets

No phone, wallets, and keys. Even if you have pockets let's keep those pants stretch free. I will do a check for this, but it is best to start clean.

3.Hairband Alert!

Check those wrists ladies and long haired gents. I will do a check for this, but it is best to start clean.

4. Watch your transition glasses

Check in with those who wear glasses and make sure that if they are wearing “transition lenses” they remove them for photos. I won't always spot these glasses as sometimes they take a minute to become true sunnies.