Alcoholism/Drug Abuse How did alcoholism affect the lives of individuals living on Indian reservations?

What are the statistics of alcoholism in Indian reservations and how does it relate the number of deaths? Almost 12 percent in Native deaths are alcohol related that is 3 times the normal population. 1 in every 10 natives dies of alcoholism every year, in 2001-2005. Many kids suffer because of there parents that drink on a daily bases. So this brings the number of deaths for the natives at a much larger number, in some reservations they have actually banned alcohol.

How does alcoholism affect whites vs. Indians? More white people die in there middle age between 22 and 45, that is around 134 thousands people a year. By drinking a lot and not being able to stop it would lead to suicide, the most common was heart dieses and liver failure. So as you get older you will only get more sick, the body will get weaker and you will not be able to go back to your normal healthy life. Then you will not be able to get cured and you will most likely die to a illness.

What leads Indians up to the point of alcoholism? Some things that lead natives to alcoholism is that it is consumed frequently as if it were an ordinary drink. Also it has been down generation to generation, and kids see there parents so they start to drink as well. And it is like a cycle at the end each generation will drink. That is why it has a big death rate of 12 %, but the people do not seem to care what happens to them as time goes on.

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