The UnbreAkable bond of a furry family member By Alice Hamilton

For my photo essay, I chose to capture the subject of human interaction with dogs. Between humans and their pet dogs, a powerful bond is formed that is unbreakable. The dogs become members of their family. As my family recently got a new puppy over the summer, it has been interesting. Dealing with peeing in the house, jumping on the table, stealing our food, and chewing up our things, it has been stressful. However, the lovable moments shared between our puppy outweighs the difficulties. This topic felt personal to me as I could now not imagine life without my dog. A different type of bond is created between one another that can’t be created between a human and their dog. I documented this special bond between my family members and my puppy, Connie.

I first captured the relationship between Connie and my Dad, John Hamilton. Since my dad and I are both allergic to dogs, he was not initially on board with welcoming a furry member into our family. However, he is closer with her now than anyone. When my dad is home from work, the two are inseparable. They eat dinner together, watch T.V together, and play fetch. He will do anything to pet Connie even if it means bending down under the kitchen table. No matter what he says, he loves that dog. Next, I revealed the relationship between Connie and my twin brother, Willy Hamilton. Willy is very much into working out and acting all tough. However, he has a soft spot for Connie. Willy is very protective of Connie; he won’t let her put her head out of the window on car rides and was very hesitant to let her go on the boat with us at the lake house. Since he is so protective, he loves to hold Connie like a baby. He treats her as if she was actually his baby girl. He wants her to feel safe and comfortable with him. Connie sometimes gets so comfortable she falls asleep on the back of Willy’s shoulder. My mother, Renee Hamilton, has been working from home during COVID-19. Some days this means more time with the dog, but sometimes less depending on her schedule with work calls because she can’t have barking in the background. When my mom can take a break, the first thing she does is see Connie. She loves to snuggle up with her and get some love as she has had a stressful day. That’s another great perk of having a dog, they are a great distraction from stress in of life. Similarly, my oldest brother Johnny is at college at the University of Madison Wisconsin. Because he is away, he doesn’t see Connie much. We FaceTime Johnny as much as we can and Connie gets really excited to see Johnny through the screen and to hear his voice. Of course, Connie and I have a strong relationship. Connie and I always take naps together and cuddle when watching T.V. Just her fuzziness laid against me and how I could feel her breathing is such an amazing feeling. Lastly, I concluded with a specific aspect of Connie and my dad’s relationship. As my dad does not admit his affection to Connie much, he still expresses his love. He casually sneaks pets for Connie when he thinks no one is looking. Even though he won’t admit it, he has his own way of showing his care for her.

Through the different relationships between my family members and Connie, it becomes clear that each relationship is important and serves a purpose. Dogs love all the affection and pets they could get and with a big or small family, they are overly happy. From my photo essay, I hope you are inspired to possibly add a dog to your family as a bond so powerful and unique is created.

On March 2nd, 2021, John Hamilton comes home from a long day at work. As he eats his dinner on the Kitchen benches, Connie jumps up and keeps him company as he finishes his dinner. Although, she may have been planning to sneak a little bit of his food. The lead.

Connie enjoys relaxing underneath the kitchen table on March 9th, 2021, as she likes the cold sensation of the wooden floors. John Hamilton was watching T.V. and he paused his show because he couldn’t resist giving a pet to Connie on the head, even if it meant bending under the kitchen table. The scene.

As Connie was just taking her daily nap on the kitchen benches, on March 4th, 2021, she opens her eyes as she hears footsteps. She gets a warm hello of Willy Hamilton holding and petting her face. The scene.

Willy Hamilton was hanging with Connie in the kitchen in the afternoon on March 8th, 2021. As Willy is very protective of Connie, he picks her up and carries her like a baby to show that she is safe. The detail photo.
Connie had a long day of going on walks, playing fetch, and running around on March 11th, 2021. As she escaped upstairs to my parent’s bedroom, she was panting out of tiredness. Willy Hamilton saw she was exhausted and held her on his shoulder. She then feel asleep as she was so comfortable on the back of his shoulder. The detail photo.

In March 8th, 2021, Renee Hamilton had a very stressful morning of working at home due to COVID-19. As she takes a break from her online calls, she heads straight to Connie on the kitchen benches to relieve stress and get some puppy love. The signature photo.

On March 9th, 2021, Renee Hamilton got a FaceTime call from her oldest son Johnny Hamilton who is studying at the University of Madison Wisconsin. Renee walks to the living room to show the FaceTime to Connie and Connie fills with excitement when she sees Johnny’s face and hears his voice. Even though Johnny is away, Connie won’t forget him. The detail photo.
On March 10th, 2021, Alice Hamilton and her mother Renee Hamilton were in the living room watching television. Connie joins the girls time and gets as comfortable and close as she can to the family. The close up photo.
John Hamilton settles down and watches some television in the kitchen on March 8th, 2021. Connie decides to join him by sleeping right behind him. As John never admits his affection to Connie, he casually sneaks a pet for Connie thinking no one was looking, he truly loves that dog. The clincher photo.