Ending Child Labor the invisible engine of myanmar's garment industry

The goal of our campaign is three pronged.

  1. Spread awareness
  2. Boycott
  3. Support organizations that are increasing access to primary education facilities in Myanmar


Use our Hashtag!

We are going to have this video playing on the public sidewalk outside of shopping malls to remind people to be brand conscious when shopping. We are also going to share this video via Twitter and Facebook in order to spread awareness among college age students who are most likely to allow information to change their behavior.


We are specifically targeting H&M. H&M has a history of being complacent of the poor abuses in Myanmar. Despite commitments to bettering working conditions workers at these factories still report

  • Wage cuts for arriving only a few minutes late
  • Inadequate sick leave practices
  • Restrictions on toilet break
  • Fainting on the factory floor

How we do it!

We start in November so we can spread news of our boycott before Holiday shopping time so shoppers can make smart decisions and our boycott will be most impactful

  1. Letter informing H&M that we are boycotting until they provide proof via inspection that they are complying with the Cambodian Labour Law, ILOs Core Conventions and H&M’s own Code of Conduct
  2. Press conferences on local news channels to involve people in all areas .
  3. National press conference to drum up buzz around major news networks
  4. Encourage shoppers to take their business to stores that have safe, sustainable and human-friendly business practices.

Support Primary Education


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