Artemis The goddess of hunting, child birth, wild animals, and the moon.

Artemis is the goddess of hunting, wilderness, childbirth, and the moon. Her roman name is Diana and her other name is Phoebe. Artemis is the daughter of Zeus and Leto, and she has a twin brother named Apollo, who she helped deliver. Her parents wanted to honor Artemis so the ancient people established a temple for her at Ephesus. Her home is in Mount Olympus and her symbols are bow and arrows.

Goddess of Moon

Artemis is the protectress of the girl child up to the age of marriage and her twin brother Apollo was the protecter of the boy child, and the sun god. Together they are the bringers of sudden death and disease but Artemis targeted women and girls. Artemis and Apollo both had healing powers. She had silver arrows that gave woman a painless death, and it is often said that someone who died during childbirth had died from one of Artemis's arrows. Her silver arrows were also used to shoot beams of moonlight down upon the Earth.

Goddess of Child Birth & Wildlife

Artemis asked Zeus for six wishes when she turned three. Those wishes included internal virginity, to never get married, to have more names than her brother, to have a bow and arrows made by the Cyclopes, to bring light to the world, and to have all the mountains as her domain. Zeus couldn't resist and granted her all of her desired wishes. Artemis had powers that were always associated with music , poetry , magic, transformation, action and purification, hunger of souls , death and action.

Goddess of Hunting

When she was older, she loved to get what she wanted. And when she didn't get her way, it ended up with death and pain. For example, when Queen Niobe mocked Leto for only having two children, Artemis and her brother took revenge by killing Niobes fourteen children. Artemis is the most respected of all the ancient Greeks but, she highly dislikes men, if they tried to seduce her it ended violently. She guarded her virginity carefully, Actaeon and Orion tried to rape her once, and they ended up dead. When one of her friends was seduced and impregnated by her father Zeus, she transformed her into a bear and then killed her.


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