Christianity By gary davila

The people who believe in Christianity are known as christians.christianity has over 2 billion followers.the us is one of the countries that christians live in.

Christianity began with the ministry of Jesus began in Palestine in the 1st century.

It is founded on the life,teachings,death,and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Christianity is currently the worlds largest religion with over 2 billion followers so the religion has spread all over the world.

Christians only be in one god composed of three distinct persons:God the father,Jesus Christ,his son,and the Holy Spirit.christians believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins,was buried,was resurrected.the followers believe in judgement day. Christians follow the Ten Commandments in their behavior.

The holy book that christians read is called the Bible wich is the life of Jesus Christ.

Christians pray in a holy place know as a church

The symbol that represents this religion is a cross because that's were Jesus was were he died for our sins

Christians have many holidays such as Christmas ,Easter,and hot cross buns are eaten on Good Friday's to mark Jesus death.


Christians believe that god created heaven,earth,and the universe.


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