February Newsletter All college honors program 2017-2018

Welcome back Students!!

February faculty spotlight

Dr. Amy Wolf

Dr. Amy Wolf received her education from the University of Massachusetts, for both her masters and PhD in English Literature. After interviewing all over the country, she came to Canisius in 2001 because of the English department and the potential friendships she knew were possible. Dr. Wolf also chose Canisius because of our Jesuit mission and dedication to social justice.

Dr. Wolf teaches first-year writing, and she also teaches in the Core Curriculum. However, her specialty is in 18th Century English Literature, and her most popular class is Jane Austen. She also enjoys teaching a first year seminar on Science and Society, which allows her to teach on something other than English. Dr. Wolf chose to join Honors program because she wanted to give students something that she experienced in an Honors program as an undergraduate. To her, the Honors program was one of the most meaningful parts of her education, and she wanted to challenge students, help students through their thesis, and be a part of educating the next generation. One of her greatest rewards is seeing a former students years later and seeing how they have blossomed and grown into an adult.

In her free time, Dr. Wolf joins her colleagues for a Monday night bar trivia called Geeks who Drink, and they crush the questions on history and literature! Thank you Dr. Wolf, for helping your students grow and being a wonderful part of our program!

February Student Spotlight

amy bucklaew

Amy Bucklaew is an ABEC and Biology major in the Honors College. She is a CEEP student, in which she is part of a research team at the Buffalo Zoo called Team Ape. Her team studies facial recognition in non-human primates, using tracking software to analyze how gorillas view faces differently than humans. She is also part of a program at Canisius called Science Scholars, which creates a supportive community of science students. She also works as a dog trainer and canine coach. When asked what drew her to her major, Amy answered, "I always loved nature, but what drew me to animals was how smart they are, from dogs to gorillas and everything in between!"

Recently, Amy returned from Argentina with a group of Canisius students, who studied Spanish at a University in Mar del Plata, Argentina for 3 weeks. However, with her family, she has traveled to Ireland, England, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, and Lichtenstein! She loves experiencing new cultures and places, climbing mountains, and experiencing all that the world has to offer. She hopes to travel within the states for an internship this summer, but her next trip is going to Peru to climb Machu Picchu.

Amy also repairs antiques on the side, especially the small mechanics, such as typewriters or film cameras. Thank you Amy, for being a wonderful part of our program!

This picture was taken in El Cuartito, the best pizza in Buenos Aires!
Come one, come all to the Honors events this semester!


Movie Night

When: Tuesday, February 27th, 8pm

Where: Honors Lounge

Join us for a movie night with snacks and friends! Take a night off and relax from tests and assignments, and what better relaxation than food and a movie? We look forward to seeing you!

Questions? Contact Matt Pernick at pernick2@canisius.edu

Honors banquet

When: Thursday, March 15th, 6-9pm

Where: Hotel at the Lafayette, Greenhouse Room

Join us for our annual Honors Banquet this year, with good food, good conversation and good company! There will be an alumni speaker and student awards at the end. We always enjoy celebrating our students and celebrating the school year, and we look forward to seeing you!

Lasertron game night

When: Friday, March 16th, 7pm-11pm

Where: 5101 N. Bailey Ave.

Do you miss getting intense with your friends in laser tag? Have no worries, we didn't leave that behind! Friday, March 16th, don't miss out on a night of intense sport and dinner afterwards!

Travel and Learn


When: April 20-22

Our travel and learn this year is to Philadelphia! Our ventures may include, but are not limited to, the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Rocky steps, Franklin Square, the Museum of the American Revolution, and so much more! Space is extremely limited to 10 students, and students are asked to contribute $210 in cash towards the trip, which will be due on Friday, February 16th. This cost includes airfare, lodging, transportation around the city, and a pass to the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Meals are partially covered, but students will be responsible for all personal purchases and some meals. Furthermore, because space is so limited, we are only accepting students that are active HSA members; those who have attended 2+ Honors events this year. If you are seriously interested in joining us, please contact Patrick Collins at collin71@canisius.edu or Taylor Rabadi at rabadit@canisius.edu. We would love to have you!

Questions? Contact: Patrick Collins, collin71@canisius.edu & Taylor Rabadi, rabadit@canisius.edu

Honors Orientation

Giving back to the honors program

We are looking to recruit 3 freshman to help organize our Honors Orientation this upcoming fall. Please consider this opportunity and the impact you can have on so many incoming freshman! The application will include a short paragraph on why you would like to be a part of organizing the orientation. We will be sending out an email next week!

Contact: Olivia Faracca at faraccao@canisius.edu, Amanda Popovski at popovska@canisius.edu

Important to Know

If you have any questions please email our Honors Student Association and Executive Board members listed below!

Executive Board

  • President: Matt Pernick
  • Vice President: Taylor Rabadi
  • Secretary: Dave Krasinski
  • Treasurer: Cameron Rosenecker
  • Communications Chair: Jeremy Michalski

class representatives

Class of 2018: Class of 2018: Matt Pernick, Jeremy Michalski, Dave Krasinski, Sarah Dollendorf, Taylor Rabadi

Class of 2019: Class of 2019: Kaylee Konczal, Morgan Tyson, Cameron Rosenecker, Lauren Reno, Joshua Canavan

Class of 2020: Amanda Popovski, Olivia Faracca, Salvatore Zarrella, Patrick Collins, Justin Begley

Class of 2021: Jacob Dollendorf, Anna Gullo, Olivia Orevec, Claire Rosenecker

Check out the monthly riddle below!

december riddle answer:

How much did Santa pay for his sleigh? Nothing, it was on the house :)

Congratulations to our December riddle winner, Trevor Ralph! Thank you to all who submitted an answer!

january riddle

What do snowmen call their offspring? Email faraccao@my.canisius.edu to submit your answer! Starting with the new year, no repeat winners are allowed.

May you hit the ground running! Much love, the Honors Student Association.


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