Over a course of time, every human being takes something for granted in their lifetime. Sometimes, we don't acknowledge the little things that help us everyday. As Canadians, we should be proud of our country in countless ways. Everything shapes us into who we are today, even the little things matter. I'll be introducing three main features that we should always love about Canada and it's society.

To begin with, In Canada we have lot's of equality in countless things. Mainly, we'll be focusing on gender equality in the workplace. Gender equality basically means when women/girls have the same rights and opportunities as men. Now, there was a time when women were not valued at all, and stereo typically men were more "powerful" and "strong". Before the 1900's, women did not have quite a big face towards working outside of the house. Throughout the 1820- 1940's, women were often young and married early. Women were told to never work outside of the house, unless they were married with children and poor, not being able to afford necessities for their children (Women in the Workplace {issue}, 1). Though, after some time, women were more valued. "In 1920, women composed 23.5 percent of the labor force and 8.3 million women older then the age of 15 worked outside of the home". At this point, women got to decide whether they wanted to work or not. When leading into the 1930's, women were considered equal to men in the workplace, as the number of women working increased to over 11 million throughout Canada (Women in the Workplace {issue}, 2). Some major impacts on women are do to the world wars. Although it was terrible to do so, the two world wars have impacted women a lot in the workplace. This was done, because they opened up new job opportunities towards women, and began to get them involved into the workplaces, as the men were off fighting. Women have even participated in the war, from nursing and manufacturing with the military (Chenier).

This is a photo of women working during the war.

After listing these few statistics about the women's workforce equality, we need to understand why we should value this. First of all, we need to imagine what it would be like today if women were not allowed to work, and married off early. Personally, I believe everyone has a dream to fulfill, whether they are male or female. We cannot let a gender come in between the equality of each other. If women did not have a right in the workplace until today, they wouldn't have a lot of rights. Canada is one big country filled with fellow brothers and sisters, and to think of men as more "powerful" is simply just ignorant. Everyone has a right, imagine what it would be like if someone told you that you cannot fulfill your dream simply because of your gender? This would have been terrible, and we should value gender equality all throughout Canada because it allows everyone to be themselves!

Everyone is equal!

Another main feature we should value throughout Canada is it's facilities. Facilities are basically things that are provided with a purpose, in this case, to help us. In Canada, especially in our city, Toronto we usually feel quite safe from predators and/or other harm. We are able to access city services without being asked about our immigration status and without fear of being detained or deported. Throughout Toronto over 200,000 residents don't have immigration. In 2014, our city council voted to set out a plan for a policy. This policy states that all residents should have access to emergency health care, food banks, shelters, recreation centers, and parenting programs (Shen). Many policies similar to this have been signed throughout Canada, taking well care of it's residents, and providing most people with the appropriate facilities they need to be living a normal lifestyle.

Canada provides to us and helps us!

Now, you might be thinking yes, we have facilities, so what? That's our main question. So what? As Canadians we should value these facilities because in many places such as Africa and India, people don't even have access to clean water. Living an everyday life, feeling safe, having access to food and water, and having job opportunities is such a big reason we should value this. We could never imagine a day without having clean water can we? This is because we use water every single day. Whether it's to drink, shower, even to wash your car, Canadians have access to water. Without water we would not be able to survive a day! We should value these small things for being here when we need them the most.

Canadians have access to lot's of food!
We use clean water every single day!

The last feature I'll be introducing is diversity. Diversity basically means understanding the differences between each individual and to know everyone is unique in their own way, despite their race, gender, sex, etc. Diversity is shown throughout Canada a lot. We are able to see all sorts of different cultures and religions accepted in Canada. To begin with, Canada is a multicultural country, and so they're countless people speaking different languages too. "Indigenous languages are spoken in all regions of Canada". Mainly, Canada has a high number of linguistic regions (people speaking different languages from their backgrounds). Canada has always welcomed different races and religions into it (Rice).

Diversity matters!

Diversity shown in Canada has a big impact on us. We are here together, and are allowed to practice our own culture and religion without being accused or not being able to do it. This is a major feature of Canada we should value because we have equal rights towards it. What if someone came up to you, and told you that you cannot practice your religion or culture where you're living? You might not believe it, but in some places such as the USA, this is happening a lot, due to ignorant people. Though, here in Canada we should be proud to hear and know that we can follow whichever path of culture we want to, and no one can stop us from following that path. We should value this feature because some people do not have this access, which is heart breaking. To have someone tell you that you cannot live here and practice your culture at the same time in horrifying. Throughout Canada we should always value this, and never forget about it.

Different cultures/religions in Canada.

In conclusion, we should understand these three main features. Though, they're are many features small and big which help us everyday, throughout Canada. Without these things, we would not be able to live freely, and fulfill our dreams. These things help Canada shape itself into the beautiful way it's in today. Valuing these things is nothing, we should love these things with all our heart!

I'm proud to be Canadian!!!!

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