Principles of the Constitution Good Luck!!!:)


The Constitution includes 6 important principles. The constitution was written to establish the rights of their citizens. Also to limit their government to not become out of control and not become a monarchy again. The constitution was signed on the 17 of September in the year of 1787. The principles are major ideas of the constitution.

Popular Sovereignty

The first principle, popular sovereignty picks who get what in government. Popular sovereignty states that government get its power from the government. For example, the Preamble, the people are creating a government by voting and constitution by constructing around their kind of government. The principle is decided by the people for the people. For example, article 1, section 2; that claims that several people from each state can elect people to represent them for the House of Representatives.

Limited Government

The principle of limited government limits government. First limited government makes sure government is never above thew law. For example, article 1, section 8, clause 18; explains that each branch has limited power of what they can and can't do in the law makin process. Also, it says what the government can and can't do. In article 1, section 9; states can't create their own taxes on exporting items from states.

Separation of Powers

The principle of the separation of powers divides the power among leaders. First, the separation of powers gives each branch certain powers and responsibilities that are for each branch. For example, article 1 , section 7, clause 1; each branch has limits for what they can do during the law making process. Separation of powers also keeps official leaders from taking on jobs that are not of their own. In the article 1, section 7; only the president can do certain jobs that other government officials can't.

Checks and Balances

The principle of checks and balances power in government. For example, article 2, section 4; the leaders in the U.S. couldn't over step their boundaries or they could be impeached from their position. The principle stops the government from making bad decisions of abusing power. For example article 1, section 7; the president couldn't let a law go to affect but the House of Representatives could overrule it if they vote and win on it.


The principle of Federalism which limits states' powers. First federalism is the separation of what can and can't be done between a state and a nation, where some are equal and some are more powerful. For example Article 1, section 10; clause 1 the states can't the same power as a nation and are limited on what they can do. A nation has more power than a state because they don't always make the best decision. In article 1, section 10; claims that a state cannot tax imports or exports in a state.

Representative Government

The principle gives the people the right to choose. First the principle allows the people to choose who will represent them in government. For example, article 1, section 4; regulation for voting can be changed if necessary when choosing representatives. The principle also helps the people find who is more ready for that position. For example article 1, section 2; the House of Representatives say what can and can't happen who are choose by the people.

Quick Quiz!!!

1) Are the three branches of government and what are their purposes?

2) Pick a principle and state in your own words.

a. Popular Sovereignty.

b. Representative Government.

c. Checks and Balances.

3) Can you clarify what the president can do in office?

4) Determine using your point of view which principle?

5) Do you believe that state or federal his powerful and why?

6) How would you test if a political figure is good enough to have a certain position?


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