An Intrusive Assisstant A Story about Personal ASSISTANT Technologies using Machine Learning

Today's Personal Assistants (Cortana, Google Assistant, upcoming VIV, Alexa, and Siri)

AI helpers are perhaps the most recognizable element in science fiction. Whether it is C-3PO in his robotic form or the virtual Cortana(below) from Halo, these characters have always made an impression upon people. And Now, such functionality is slowly becoming a reality.

Cortana - Halo 5

More recently, as Siri grows older, Entrepreneurs are looking away from hard coded solutions to more fluid frameworks. These newer systems would live in an ecosystem of data, and modify their programming or logic in order to adapt to new problems.

Some of the sources used by future and current systems
VIV dissecting complicated queries into a set of instructions.

The way Silicon Valley is trending, these services will be using more and more of our personal information to complement previous responses and better cater to our needs. At the same time, they are also trying more and more to draw us in.

They even have a personality.
Lets Just Hope It Doesn't Come to This

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