Bowling for Columbine How easy is it to get a gun?

Michael Moore explains in this fantastic documental how people prefer to put life in danger.

The film begins making mention of the Columbine massacre where 12 students and 1 teacher besides 21 additional people were injured; The perpetrators were the students Eric Harris and Dylan Klebod.

From this moment the discussion begins about how easy it is to get the weapon, even in the film is shown how much if you open the bank account you get a rifle as part of a promotion.

After this we can see how Moore's interviewed a citizen questioning him regarding the fact of possessing weapons and why he did it.

To which the citizen responds that this measure that is taken is something that is in the constitution since we all have the right to feel secure, Moore's attacks mentioning that at no time is made the specific use of the word weapon in the constitution.

This first interview concludes at the moment that the citizen mentions that he has a gun under his pillow, Moore thinking that this was a joke decides to follow him to his room to know if this was true and the interviewee shows him the gun but not in camera.

What can be seen in this scene is the fact that people in the United States live with constant fear.

According to Moore this is due to what happened on 9/11 after a date after which nothing was the same again.

Then a rather important scene is where it shows the ideological and cultural differences that exist with Canada a country in which the citizens do not fear in leaving the doors open of its house without lock them.

Situation that Moore uses to verify it by itself, we can observe how it opens doors and indeed none of them is locked, in this scene Moore takes advantage and interviews one of the habitants of the house to express their doubt which is why they do not lock the door ?

The old man says that he does not see the need to do so.

Personally this scene perfectly expresses the ideological differences that exist in the countries of the world which in the majority believes that the possession of weapons guarantees security not only for the government but also for the population.

He then interviews 2 former students who were hurt by that massacre at Columbine High School.

You can see how 1 of those affected is in a wheelchair and how the second is psychologically affected.

Moore decides to go with them to k-mart a store where acquiring bullets is as simple as getting sweets, so when the question arrives asks the person in charge of image and public relations of the store, one of The employees mention that they will go looking for her but after more than 3 hours of waiting this person never arrives.

One of the alumni before this has the idea to buy as many bullets as possible so that no one has the option to buy them and once this has been done, give them to k-mart to get rid of them, this action is so important that even The media became present.

In conclusion this fantastic film exposes in a forceful way how people feel a constant fear which they try to solve with weapons besides it shows the simple way in which they can be obtained and the damages that can bring.

I use the pen, because the pen is mightier than the sword. But you must always keep a sword handy for when the pen fails.

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