The Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements states that "Nurses have a duty to take the same care for their own health and safety.” The patient's health and safety is dependent on the health and safety of the nurse. And yet nurses have a hard time finding the time to go to the bathroom, much less drink water, get enough sleep, or eat on time! The bottom line is that many nurses do not engage in self-care activities often in enough.

Our Solution

We offer nurses a 28 day mobile Health Challenge that encourages and empowers nurses to make small daily choices that add up to big health advantages. By offering mobile accountability, support, and guidance, we meet nurses where they are at. By making it a game, we make the self-care tasks engaging and even fun! Everyone enjoys a gold star, no matter how old they are. And in our challenge, nurses earn points for taking care of themselves!

How it Works

Benefits For Promoting the Challenge

  1. We will promote your website as a challenge sponsor on our site,, and inside our social media pages ( and group (
  2. Your website will be included in our promotional emails.
  3. Weekly links to your work on our Social Media pages/groups during the promotional period and throughout the challenge.
  4. Weekly featured posts (4 total) with your picture and/or website inside the challenge to feature your work.
  5. Option to host your own Private Team Room to host your own team of followers in the challenge (similar to a secret FB group).
  6. Free access to our new ebook, Nurses Health Coaching: A Nurse's Career Path to Flexiblity, Purpose, and Balance.
  7. $25 referral fee if any one you refer enrolls in our coaching program or Certified Health Coach training program.

How to Promote

  1. Share that you will be joining the challenge on your Social Media pages/groups a few times before 3/21/17.
  2. Invite your followers on social media and group members to join you in the challenge a few times before 3/21/17.
  3. Feature the challenge in a promotional email to your group
  4. Participate in the Challenge and get healthier with us.

Join us in helping make Nurses Healthier.

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