My Trip to the Harn Museum alyssa zajdel

Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui

Medium of Art

Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui was my favorite piece of artwork at the Harn Museum. The picture does not do this beautiful piece justice. In person, it is huge. It is a metallic tapestry made out of discarded bottle tops of brand-name liquor bottles. I find this medium so captivating because I have never seen anything like it. El Anatsui puts meaning into worthless materials. The metal tops are flattened to look like Kente cloth, a royal cloth made by the people of Ghana and Togo. El Anatsui is able to transform trash into a work of art. El Anatsui really showcases the concept that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I loved this medium. In Old Man's Cloth, there are mainly strips of gold, silver, and black metal that are interlocked in rows. Seeing this work in person helped me appreciate the true beauty of this piece. It made me realize that trash can be transformed to make a beautiful work of art. It was interesting to see that light hit the work at pretty much every angle. What I found most striking about the medium was that El Anatsui created something so beautiful out of trash, and I have never seen a true work of art made out of trash! The message that this delivered to me is that there is beauty in simplicity. This artwork gave me a sense of ease and I found it calming because of the shape of the tapestry. It also made me happy because I loved the recycled materials.

David A. Cofrin Asian Art Wing

Design of the Museum

A wing that was particularly intriguing to me was the Asian Art Wing. Immediately as you walk in, there are two huge sculptures lying on the center of the floor. I instantly felt calm when I entered the exhibit due to the warm colors. In addition, I loved the outdoor garden and I found the waterfall very soothing. I found this exhibit appealing because I have always been interested in learning about the Asian culture, and the dim lighting, dark color scheme, and the garden made this exhibit appealing. In addition, I liked how they put the small items such as glasses in cases, whereas the big sculptures were just placed right out on the floor. This allowed me to get a clear view of all of the beautiful Asian Art. This exhibit was truly beautiful and I would love to return to it.

Fancy Masquerade Dress in Ghana

Art and Core Values: Passionate

When I see this piece of art, I see a real person wearing it. I see them going to the masquerade in Ghana being so passionate about what they are doing. The amazing colors and designs are so pretty. This also shows me how passionate the person who made the outfit is. They are passionate about creating a costume that is so majestic and beautiful. Seeing this in the museum made me visualize a parade of people, wearing the same types of outfits, smiling and laughing with each other. This outfit just makes me think of pure happiness because of how passionate they are about what they are doing.

Old Man's Cloth by El Anatsui

Art and the Good Life

For this header, I am going to go back to the people picture by El Anatsui. Since artwork was made out of scraps that most people would think it trash, I believe this represents the good life. The good life is all about suffering and then coming out of that suffering. Making a beautiful life after all of your pain and suffering. The trash that created this piece of art was unwanted, but then it was turned into a beautiful, majestic artwork. It show that you can bring beauty out of anything, whether it is your life or a piece of artwork. The metal scraps and bottle caps were clearly suffering, but someone believed in them or they believed in themselves and became a beautiful array of art.

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