Mistaken Jackpot By: Hunter Berg

In the deep plains of Nevada. The crops grow high and the roads stay flat. The day was an unusual day, It was foggy and misty and you can taste the mist on your tongue and all you can see are long distance crops.It was a perfect day for the corn to grow. The harvesting days will be upon the farmers very soon. It's spring time in Nevada.

Cole is a farmer in Nebraska. He grows corn and harvests the crops. What people don't know about him is that he is a millionaire. He's won a two million dollar jackpot. He used to live in Las Vegas. Now he lives in the plains of Nebraska. Another thing that people don't know is that he has the FBI searching for him because the jackpot was supposed to be $200,000 not $2,000,000.

He works as a farmer because his father was one. He works at his father's old farm. Cole’s dad died in a truck accident a year ago while he was transporting his harvested crops to stores. And that is why he is a farmer.

One cold night in Nebraska, Cole was woken up to the sound of a loud truck near his house. Cole doesn't live near any noisy roads, so the sound startled him. The noise got louder and Cole heard the truck stop. Cole quickly grabbed his rifle and hid in the nearest closet. He could hear the door open and he knew it was the FBI

Cole new right then he was in trouble. He quietly said to himself, “Sorry dad for letting you down. I should've returned the money”.

“Is anyone in the house?” shouted the FBI agent.

Cole yelled back, "I'm sorry for what I have done. Am I in trouble?"

The FBI agent quickly ran up the stairs and opened the closet doors and saw Cole with a rifle in his hand. “It's not what it looks like sir,” says Cole. I would be happyto give you your money back.

“NO!, you tried to hide from us all these years, NOW STAND UP!” yelled the agent. Cole stood up and got put in handcuffs and he was going to court. Cole went to court for theft, but Cole didn't think he might go to jail for theft when it was the casinos mistake. Coal went to court and instead of going to jail for theft he got put in jail for hiding the something from the FBI all these years.

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