Paying it forward By: Caro Cardelle, Montse arguello, alondra estevez, alexa calonje

Our idea is:

Pay for a stranger at the vending machine and ask them to pay it forward... if they could leave a dollar for the next person and that person leaves a dollar for the next person, it would become a chain reaction.

Consumption to Contribution: We live in a consumerist society but as humans we crave contribution. It has been scientifically proven that giving feels good. The shift from consumerism begins when we start to help others without gaining anything in return.

Transaction to Trust: This concept deals with doing monetary deeds for others out of the kindness of your heart and asking them to pay it forward which is exactly what our project consisted of. It is trusting in the whole cycle of good karma. Things move beyond the control of one's personal ego, and every contribution becomes a profound act of trust which generates a web of resilience.

Isolation to Community: The mindset of believing that you're the only one that matters is isolating and has limited power. You cannot reach others (community) when you simply turn a blind eye to the needs of others. The shift from isolation to community happens when you drop your pride and use your time to help others and contribute to society. When you move from isolation to community you tap into the power of synergy.

Scarcity to Abundance: With a scarcity mindset, you believe that everything is limited and with an abundance mindset, you believe there’s plenty for everyone. A technique people can use to go from scarcity to abundance is "To get what you want, give what you want." Fear is always at the heart of scarcity so we should always recognize that in order to achieve financial freedom, we must adopt an abundance mentality.

Expectations (Alexa): My expectation for this project is to see how one small act of kindness can explode into something bigger.

Expectations (Alondra): My expectations for this project are to brighten up someone's day. Something as small as paying for someone's snack can inspire them to do the same for someone else. It's the small things.

Expectations (Caro): My expectations for this project are to bring happiness to others through a simple act of kindness. It's crazy how something so small can turn into something so revolutionary.

Expectations (Montse): My expectations are to brighten up someone's day and create a chain reaction of kindness.

What we learned:

(Alexa): From this project, I learned that small acts of kindness matter. It may seem small to you but to other people it would make their whole day.

(Alondra): Through this project I learned the effects that good karma can have on others. Do good and good will come to you. A small selfless act like the one we did can turn into something great for you down the line, can brighten someone's day and cause them to pass on the kindness as well.

(Caro): After doing this project I learned that the smallest things can make a difference. Doing something positive for others brings back good karma. Instead of being negative and always expecting others to do things for you, you should just do things for others and not always expect something in return because eventually you will always get what you deserve.

(Montse): I learned that you can truly be the change you want to see in the world. We learned about this in class and through this project I learned it is true. Once you do something kind you can start a chain reaction.

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