In London Martians


In The War of the Worlds, Martians invade England. These Martians are worm-like creatures who intend to use Earth as a feeding ground, and the Earthlings are powerless to stop this. In the end, the Martians are destroyed not by humans, but by bacteria.

Martians arrive in London, quickly taking control of the city. These Martians are hideous, worm-like monsters with sixteen tentacles protruding from their mouths. They intend to feed on humans.

Despite their best efforts, the humans are unable to fend off the Martians and their deadly assault. The aliens soon overrun the planet.

The Martians aren't prepared for Earth's bacteria, however, and don't have the antibodies to fight off viruses. Their nervous systems are destroyed, and they die not from a human assault, but from illness.


The writer’s younger brother lives in London. During the weekend, reports about the Martians have come slowly to the city. The writer’s brother is very worried about his brother and his family. On Monday morning there is panic in the streets. People say that the Martians are coming with a Black Smoke that poisons and kills.


in our opinion, this chapter tell people should careful prepare to flank the city. People need to attack the martians to protect London.

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