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Hey everyone,

Welcome to the February newsletter: the first of 2020! We hope everyone has had a fantastic winter break and is getting back into the rhythm of things here at UH. There's a lot of information to discuss, including a recap of what's happened in the previous month, a look ahead to upcoming events, and project team updates! Clear skies!

- Fabio Andrean, AIAA Secretary

Upcoming February Events

Aerospace Professionals Committee - A panel of professionals from various aerospace companies and organizations will be discussing their experiences, followed by a Q&A session. Food will be served. Thursday, February 13th, 7 - 9 pm, SEC 102.

Officer Candidate Info Session - Info session for those interested in becoming an AIAA-UH officer next year. Current officers will discuss the behind-the-scenes of their roles to give a better impression of what each role involves. Food will be served. Thursday, February 20th, 7 pm, in room W205 of Engineering Building 2.

First Spring Social - Come hang out and play board/video games before the busy month of March begins! Food will be provided. Thursday, February 27th, 7 - 9 pm, in room W205 of Engineering Building 2.

Team Updates

UAV Team - The team is currently in the research and development phase. At the beginning of the semester team members were assigned research projects such as a motor, wing, and propeller trade studies. These are intended to drive conceptual design. Recently, more team members have joined and the leadership is allocating them to the different tasks to be accomplished. The new members are a welcome addition and will help those struggling to find their bearings in RC plane topics.

Hobby Rocket Team - What we’ve been up to: Jalyssa just bought her rocket kit in order to work towards her Level 1 certification, and Jose started on plans to 3D print molds in order to make his own fiberglass nosecone from scratch. His goal is for one of his rockets to have a custom nosecone, and also to pick up experience in dealing with fiberglass. Alex has recently epoxied his fin can onto the aft airframe of his rocket and is working on the finishing touches to complete assembly. For anyone interested in joining Hobby Rocket Team, Meetings are on Fridays at 6pm in Science and Research 532 and anyone is free to join! The team also has a discord.

Space City Rocketry - The team has finished the design process and is moving into the production phase of the project. Purchase orders for parts were recently sent off and deliveries should be arriving in the coming weeks. The design for the payload expected to ride along in Oberon is being finalized, as is the design for a payload that will be launched in a rocket built by Booker T. Washington High School. In the meantime, the team is working on an agenda and itinerary for the competition and brainstorming for next year's rocket.

The team is also looking for Payload ideas. Have an idea or suggestion? Please submit it here !

Shirts are still available for purchase!!

Prices for shirts: $10

Pay with venmo or paypal @AIAA-UH or aiaacoogs.uh@gmail.com

To pay with cash, stop by one of our officer's carrel hours in UC North or pay at one of our meetings!

Recap of Events
3rd Fall General Meeting - November 2019 - To end the fall semester -and 2019- with a crescendo, AIAA-UH hosted NASA astronaut and UH engineering alumnus Rex Walheim. He described his experiences as a member of the flight crew of the final Space Shuttle flight, STS-135. For a man with such a stellar career, he was quite down-to-earth and was glad to answer any questions and stayed after his presentation to chat with members.
1st Spring General Meeting - January 2020 - Last semester's second general meeting with Jacobs went very well so AIAA-UH decided to invite them out once again. Eric, the lead engineer, brought along two of his team members who are recent college graduates. They discussed what they do, as well as what qualities helped them stand out to be hired at Jacobs.
AIAA Mock Interviews - January 2020 - Aerospace professionals - including some recent UH grads - from around the Houston area were invited to give mock interviews to AIAA members.
That's all folks! See you next month! - AIAA-UH Officers
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