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  • Vision
  • Hiring & Culture Club
  • Move Out of Their Way
  • 3 Types of Meetings
  • Rocks
  • Top Down
  • 1-2-1
  • Technology
  • Documentation
  • Current Landscape


The difference between businesses that grow and those that don't has nothing to do with the amount of good ideas, it has everything to do with how those ideas are executed.

We envision national expansion as our next big leap. Getting there requires a well thought out road map, the right people in each seat, and a solid system of accountability.

Finding The RIGHT People

  1. Employee referrals
  2. Scout people off of LinkedIn
  3. "Off the clock recruiting"... always wear your recruiting hat. If you go to a cafe and get great service, hand them a business card!

Hiring The BEST People

  1. Understand the culture of the department not just the company
  2. Ask outside of the box questions
  3. Ask for the receptionist's opinion!

Strategic Approach to HR

  • Recruit for culture and train for skill
  • Create an HR dashboard
  • Enhance training and development to retain top talent
  • Culture club

Move out of their way

We hire well-qualified, skilled employees to get things done. If you’ve hired right, they should execute well and meet all your expectations.

So instead of getting in their way, help them get the job done. Our role is to provide guidance, direction, and establish goals, not sit on their shoulders telling them what to do every step of the way.


Focus on being Functional Early: Many times companies provide long trainings in hopes of getting their employees all the company has to offer. Their intentions may be in the right place but the time it takes on getting an employee operational is imperative.

Setting the Right Expectations: New Hires are given their requirements early on what they need to be successful and how they will be measured. After the initial classroom training, all new hires are placed in “Academy Bay” to work on fine tuning their sales skills and implementing crucial feedback.

3 Meeting Types

  1. Daily Huddle
  2. Weekly Traction
  3. Quarterly Review

Daily Morning Huddle

  • Recognition
  • The Numbers
  • Celebrating Success
  • Goal Status
  • Group Cheer - We work hard! We're Professional! MOVE!

Weekly Traction

  • Check-Ins
  • Reporting (Scoreboard, Quarterly ROCKS, & Customer, Employee Status)
  • Accountability - To Do List (Tasks/ Projects)
  • IDS - Issues Solving (3 most important issues)
  • Conclude
  • Further Communication
  • Recap
  • Rate the meeting

Quarterly Review

  • Set an Agenda
  • Best of the last 90 days
  • What worked and what didn’t
  • Meeting Expectations
  • Previous Quarter Review
  • Review the Vision
  • Establish Next Quarters Rocks
  • Tackle Key Issues
  • Next Steps

Creating quarterly rocks

Quarterly “Rocks” are the clear priorities that will govern where each employee puts his or her primary effort every day.

These are the true action items for your team and all of your employees, it’s critical to follow set processes to establish your Rocks.

  1. Let your team list everything they want to accomplish in the next 90 days.
  2. Narrow down the list to a few true priorities for the entire company.
  3. Assign due dates.
  4. Assign ownership to each company Rock.
  5. Create a Rock sheet to refer to in weekly progress reviews.
  6. Share the Rocks with the entire organization.
  7. Have each department and each employee establish an individual set of Rocks to support quarterly company Rocks.

Top down

Most of our Managers use the Traction methodology within their own departments. Breaking down a quarterly rock into smaller rocks, allows us to share strategy and achieve end goals collectively.

  • Each team member brings and presents their own scorecards for the week
  • Company strategy - not just departmental strategy
  • Budget and ROI


It’s fairly simple: we take 1/2 hour every week with Jacky and have an informal conversation about engagement, workload, team dynamics, performance and learning and development.


We love technology here at 3MM and strive to lead our industry with innovation.

From custom fleet management software to cutting edge phone systems: 3MM consistently and rapidly fights to stay ahead of the curve.

Technology is ever changing. At 3MM we approach technology innovation as something that is never finished and we budget accordingly.


  • At 3MM we believe that consistency is key
  • SOP’s, training and documentation are vital to our scalability
  • We approach documentation like a large enterprise, not a small business

Reassess Your Environment

What's happening online?

Paid Ads now take up more space above the fold than they ever have. Are you spending?

Organic listings for certain industries like ours are becoming flooded with aggregators like Yelp, Groupon, Thumbtack and Angie's List. Are you optimized locally?

With the rise of aggregators comes a rise in illegal players in the market. What can you do about it?

Your customers are talking about you, whether you're a part of the conversation or not.

Even if you aren't creating a ton of content, you need to be in control of creating your profiles and responding to customers proactively.

Lead Gen Diversification


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